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About Me

Prefer to be a Pro-Mafia Player. J promafia sign opt16.gif

I found out about mafia after playing the Werewolf version at a party. It was a lot of fun, and I was the werewolf in each game. I started playing on another small site that has its own mafia subforum where mostly the same people come to play each game. It wasn't very good for gaining much experience so I came here. Currently, I'm still trying to improve my play because it could use some work.


Game Mod Status Role Outcome Death Comments
Newbie 1396: A New Adventure Nachomamma8 Original Player
Vanilla Townie
Mafia win
Endgamed D4 First game on site. I led a good lynch against mafia D1, but after that I really sucked. Made it to LyLo and lost because I rushed things. Should've noticed that mafia buddied me D1.
Mini Normal 1460 ac1983fan Replaced in N3
Mafia Neighbor
Mafia Win
Lynched D4 Very easy win due to brilliant work from an alt of MattP. I found that I dislike replacing into games. I should've tried harder, but everyone thought that my partner was town so I didn't worry.
Micro 212 - Greater Idea Amrun Original Player
Werewolf PGO
Werewolf Win
Survived Perfect Werewolf win and a very fun game. The setup worked out amazingly well for Greater Idea. Overall, I think I played very well and my partner was fun.
Open 522: Fire and Ice Elyse Original Player
Vanilla Townie
Town Win
Survived I played well this game, as did the rest of the town. There was some good scumhunting, and I figured out 3 of the 4 scum. It ended strangely, but it was still a fun game.


Overall: 3-1
Town: 1-1
Scum: 2-0
Third Party: 0-0