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Skruffs Completed Games

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Newbie 256 - Alien Invader Mafia

On Tuesday, Sep 12, 2006 at 10:03 pm, I made my first appearance in a mafia game. I replaced into Newbie 256 - Alien Invader Mafia, being run by mathcam, as scum with Thok. I made an initial post, and then voted for Chess83, who had put up a valiant fight... and died. The game was over one hour and twenty five minutes, thanks to Thok and townie thedocsalive after I replaced into it. Scum win! It was a pretty exciting experience. And an interesting foray in the world of Scum and Townies.

Newbie 276 - Actor Mafia

I was a townie. I was NKed after successfully hammering Sprontalic scum. Chess83 - who I had just lynched off in my replacement game - won as scum in this game after a TIGHT showdown between Ether, Save the Dragons, and Chess83. Even though Save the Dragons went so far as to write a song to help persuade her, Ether wound up voting him. I think the one aspect of this game I learned from the most was the fight between the witty, logical, and beautiful Ether, and scum sprontalic about the differences in play styles. I also got my first hint of bait-trappers - which if you look through my other games, you will notice I do not react well to.

Newbie 293 - Immune System Mafia

This was my first complete game as scum. I was paired up with the beautiful spectrumvoid. Day one I helped coerce a mislynch on Twito, for almost the sole reason of bait-trapping. He had claimed that he was not going to read his PM, and then, when we called him out on that as scummy, said that he was just saying it as a ruse to draw out scum. Lynch! That night, me and the intelligent, sparkling, fearsome VoidyBuns decided to kill Zindaras. This is important, because it started a trend... you'll see. Day three, after tentatively testing the waters and giving lots of time to claim, me and SV started a campaign to lynch Y.C, the most scummiest of the three remaining townies. I claimed cop and got him mislynched for a scum win. This could have been avoided if Mr. Finch, the REAL cop, had counter claimed. I believe Hemisphere Dancer cost the fatal misvote that ended the game. Oh well, it was just a newbie. :)

Two Headed Mafia

I replaced in at a 6 player near-end game scenario, paired up with Zindaras. This was a horrible game for me, because I replaced into it just before killing Zindaras off in the aforementioned newbie game. After he realized it, I felt like relations were kind of.. strained. The showdown had occurred into a situation with 1 or 2 possible cultists, a vig or sk, and a mafia member. I got me and Zindaras mislynched by advocating attempting to go after a killer instead of after cult-recruits that may or may not have existed. Even though it ended the game for us, I was right about the no cultist theory. This was my first ever lynching!!! After we died, the vig killed a townie and the mafia killed the vig. A tight three player endgame was won by Cogito Ergo Sum/OverTheUnder & Lowell/sprontalic. petroleumjelly should be commended for swallowing his pride and claiming cultist while actually a mafia member. :)

Post Restriction 3

This may have been my FAVORITE GAME to replace into. I replaced in at the middle of day five. My first post restriction - Very Verbose Townie - meant I had to post at least 400 words in each of my first three posts of every day. We lynched scum day after day and STILL had a very close endgame. This was also the first game I survived to the end in as town. I was quite exhilarated at the win. :D

Mini 405 - Loveboat Mafia

I signed up to play in this game being run by Sailor Jerry. I was the cop that didn't save the day. I hammered Massive - the doctor - day one. My strategy of the game was to act semi-scummy in order to keep the scum from killing me, while also not getting lynched by the town. Because I had just gotten Y.C mislynched in Newbie 293 - Immune System Mafia, I decided to inspect him the first night. He was also a double voter in the lynch, both the third voter on, and the -1 voter, which I considered suspicious. He was not guilty, however. The next day the conversation faltered - I left a single clue that I had inspected Y.C earlier in the day. The cult recruiter had died the night before through suicide, and over time I realized in scum chat - which was not part of this game and so couldn't count - that the cult recruiter considered fircoal to be his favorite scummer. To me, that was a clue, but not enough to go on. However when LyingBrian appeared out of nowhere and started attacking me for probing at Fircoal a bit, I counter-attacked, and he was lynched. Another townie. That night I investigated ac1983fan, who was acting the least helpful to town during the day. HE was also town. The next day I claimed, and posted my first pro-town compelling case. I thought we had it in the bag - however - a cleared townie put a vote on the only uncleared townie left. Scum quickly wagoned, and with a speedlynch, the game was over. Even though I did not win this game, I enjoyed playing it, and I think my strategy was semi-intelligent.

Open 11

I replaced ShadowLurker in this game being run by bird1111 on day one. After mislynching fircoal, of the fircoal and Twito gang, town woke up to find no bodies. After a bit of speculation, we began to claim roles. Patrick and ripley were suspicious of me, and I was very suspicious of them. This was my first game playing with Patrick where we were both still alive, it was very intricate. Twito and Ripley both wound up claiming doctor, and after a while, nightfall (the uncounterclaimed cop) revealed he had investigated Ripley and had not been blocked. We lynched Twito/The fonz, for a town win. Woo!

Marathon 11 (Speed)

I was coerced into playing this game by its runner, Zindaras. I think to spite me, and hoping I would die, he made me a completely vanilla townie. Boy did I show him! I outlasted a vig, a reviver, a roleblocker, potentially unkillable Mafia, and helped split apart a mason group which had a mafia buddy in it that was dominating the game. It was one hell of an experience, and it rebolstered my faith in myself. Awww! :D

Meadow of Sorrow

I replaced into this game being run by al_kohaulec Day Three. I helped cause the death of Zindaras, the third time this has happened. I had my vote stolen by Thesp day three. Night four, I was given a Totem of the Night by Dahen, which protected me from nightkills. One of the most stressful aspects of this game was the role- and alignment-altering abilities of the scum. Namely.. Spectrumvoid, Blackberry, and Zindaras. (hee hee hee) Evil Zindaras. I felt SO BAD for getting him lynched at deadline, and it turns out he was scum after all. Blackberry showed up as a mason on being lynched, too, which was disheartening. I thought it was game over. Town never really understood what was going on with the scum until Dahen showed up as an Alignment Changer. That didn't make any sense, because I believed his claim about being an Indian Giver. When SV voted herself, though, the game was over. I was a vanilla townie. An awesome game that I enjoyed replacing into.

Mafia 59 - Hell On Earth

I replaced into this game (run by Kelly Chen) in a LYLO situation of sorts day five. I was Borg Scum with theopor_COD. We got an alien lynched day 6 and endgamed everyone else. Including Spectrumvoid (who was also scum).

Newbie 367 - Glork Mafia

Yaus! This was amazingly a perfect win for the town. I lynched scummy mc scumbucket SpinWizard by accident on day one, and day two, we took a 50/50 chance (of sorts) on lynching one of two uncleared townies, and happened to hit right. MachiavellanMafia was crushed! It was actually mostly just luck, but I saw one of my first instances of spotting pro-town play. Muerrto, a newb, said something day one that struck me amazingly as a very pro-town thing to say, and he turns out to eb that way, too. Yay!

Newbie 341

This is a normal newbie game being hosted by the talented, sensual MeMe. This game was HORRIBLE for me. It's probably MeMe's fault. After pushing hard to generate discussion day one, I wound up hammering a townie without any reasoning other than that it was deadline. This was to kind of polarize the mafia and town all into targetting other people - which would make it more likely for a doctor to successfully protect or a cop to hit a scum, etc. Anyways, the doctor WAS successful, but it didn't matter, we were still at lylo. Me and Abbott had a tiff and he stormed out of the game, and I wound up gtting eventually mislynched in a rather ugly manner, It hink. It was my first mislynch as town in a newbie game. :( Oh well, learning experience. This game ended the same time as the perfect one above, which is just unusual, to get such contrasting endings from two newbie games. Still, it was fun.

Mini 404 - Diablo Mafia

I replaced into this game run by Zindaras on day one. I hammered TheJiveMachine, who was scum, day one. I hammered myself day three. I was a vanilla townie. This was an awesome game, for me. I very much enjoyed my day three lynch. The game is over. TheSheaMuffin played a great game after his buddies got lynched, and it was fun to watch town rather obliviously plod along, after I was gone. SO SAD! Couldn't they see what I saw, that TSQ had staunchly defended both scum buddies and then turned viciously on me - who turned out to be a townie - for believing in the VERY REASONS he pushed??? Well, oh well. It was still fun.

Open 2

I replaced Rosso Carne on day three. I hammered MNOWAX, who was scum, and was nightkilled night three. What an honor! ^.^ I was a [[[vanilla townie]] The game is now over. Scum won. :( I had a great quote from that game.

Open 18

I replaced mole in this game. The gamge is now over. This was my first successful game as a cop, where I inspected two townies who were not nightkilled and one scum. The doctor and scum picked up on my tells and so my nightkill was avoided. YAY IH! We had two consecutive scum lynches for a town win. YAY! Spectrumvoid was scum in this game.

PS2SUX Mafia

I replaced into this game (currently) being run by petroleumjelly on Day Three and helped lynch Romanus, who was part of the Microsoft scum group. I did so by counterclcaiming his flavor. Poor Romanus. I helped lynch Shadowlurker by debunking his claim that he was a lyncher on me. And I helped Nintendo mafia almost win by postulating about a possibly third mafia group. I was Tidus, from Final Fantasy X, a vanilla townie, and won. Yay! Spectrumvoid was scum in this game.

Mini 414 - Anime Mafia

I signed up to play in this game being run by IH. What a great game. I made it all the way to a lylo end game situation, between me and Shanba and Yamahoko. This was a great game to puzzle out, after we got to the final seven or so. Town should have lost, because we were doing bad. Very bad. Fortunately, we mass claimed, which helped. thrawn1020 botched his role-blocked claim, in a hilarious train wreck of a claim. Mert claimed cop with an innocent on me and a guilty on zu_faul. It was hard to figure out what to do and who to believe, but town eventually decided that thrawn_1020's botched claim was more of a scum tell than Mert's claim. So we lynched thrawn for one mafia down. Mafia killed mert - they had to - which damned zu_faul, and then spectrumvoid died, strangely enough, instead of the cleared townie (me). Thus I was left to choose between Shanba and Yamahako. Did I choose correctly? Find out for yourself!

Calvin & Hobbes Mafia

This is an interesting themed Mini Normal being run by Mr Stoofer. While we play, we apparently also get to make rules. I didn't enjoy this game very m uch! It was a very angry, vitriolic game, and I was insulted and abused more than in any other game (sniff). It turned out to be a mountainous game - and because we had no idea whether or not there were powerroles, nobody had any idea how to play it. In the end, VitaminR, who lost his scumbuddy day one, pulled through for a scum win. I like to think that if I had been there at end game, it would have gone differently.

Famous Cats Mafia

This was a Themed Mini by bertrand. I replaced Dragon Phoenix. I was a Blind-Joat (of sorts), who, despite there investigations, was still thought of as scum by the end of the game. Glork, Zindaras, and Nai were all very fussy towards me, and I didn't much appreciate it! But regardless, town won, and that's what matters.

Mostly Mute Haiku Mafia

This game was run by Glork. I replaced Primate. What an interesting game. The post restriction by everyone made it harder to follow bread trails - and even though I was caught by the end of the game by the tracker YogurtBandit, and bussed by my scumbuddy VitaminR, we managed to turn town against their only hope... securing a mislynch and winning the game! WHEEE! Chalk one up for scum-Skruffs!

Open 17 - Berry Mafia

I replaced alx4s in this game, night two. Ugh, what a bad game. This game was also a 'beat down on Skruffs'. This game also cemented my distrust in TheCentralScrutinizer's abilities to scum hunt. I did not find his, JDodge, or especially Rosso Carne's play style at all town like, but, in the end, the town won with three correct lynches in a row. WOO!

Newbie 419 - You do the math!

This is a newbie game modded by Mr Stoofer. This was a quick and bloody game. I tried to help the town out but I suppose my goofy play style was a bit too over the top - I was lynched day one despite all my flailing and thrashing about. A town that lynches Skruffs is destined to fail, unfortunately. They never caught a single scum. *sniff*

Newbie 395

This was a very slooooow moving Newbie Game by Thok. I had to be replaced when I learned of another player's role. :( But then the other player died, and I got to replace back in. Yay! What a bizarred game. I wound up losing (As scum) thanks to SpectrumVoid not being able to take a joke. *shakes fist* what's amazing about the game is that there are four cop claims in it. WOO HOO! :) It was bizarre.

Clue Mafia 3

I replaced Ancalagon as the only townie in a game with 7 scum who didn't have a useful power role. However! Woo! Town won (with 8 killing roles) with only TWO losses, the vig and the tracker. That's pretty damn hot! Shout outs to all the SKs who didn't figger it out! I love this movie!


I waited MONTHS to replace into this game, and was nightkilled the first night after joining. I must have been too obvious, as I was the kingmaker. It sucks because I was going to replace Shanba, who I think deserved to win. Sorry Shanba! So yeah, the game is over. I nominated Zindaras with Spectrumvoid as a backup. Zindaras killed Spectrumvoid! It was beautiful! But like most games where Skruffs dies, town wound up losing. I blame the scum (and MoS) personally.

Open 14

I replaced into this game being hosted by TheCentralScrutinizer on day one. I was lynched Day one. I was a vanilla townie. Town lost, of course. Of course. I went a little crazy but I had some valid tells, and the scum exploited the tells, pushed them on me, and town wound up lynching me for it. Actually, I think I hammered myself, too - oh well. *shakes fist at Yosarian2*

Animaniacs! Mafia

This is a game being run by petroleumjelly. I replaced mole on day two, just so I could be in another game with the wonderfully intelligent, and charming too, Ether. After a successful lynch on day two, I was nightkilled. (I was not part of the succesful lynch). I was a vanilla townie. Town went on to win, eventually, but it will be no surprise that they tripped up a few times. *cough*

Mafia 61

I replaced IH in this game being run by AndrewS, day one. I helped get a successful lynch on Scum Lalmstreak day one, and survived to day five. I was a TRACKER. This was my favorite game of the year, I think - and maybe just because I got to be a tracker, which is a fun role. I tracked the vig to his target, and I tracked the coroner to her target, and then ... And then I almost tracked MOS to someone, but instead tracked BM. I could have cleared him! But no. Scum didn't have much of a chance, and wound up getting killed at a very neat little standoff at the end.

==California Trilogy - Dantès in Fresno== I died night two. That was a great game, for me, thuogh I was only around int he beginning. Why? B ecause I was one fo hte 'avatars' of Dantes - and I think that I had a fairly good grasp on what the 'setup' was, at least in regards to people beign town and 'fake claiming'. I never really chose to explain it, which it turns out, was for the best, since it would have helped the mafia a lot more than it would have helped town. I died, and town lost. Hmm.

Mafia 63: Wolves!

This is a game with a werewolf theme. Yay! When I play mafia in real life, we use a werewolf theme, and I'm getting tired of hearing about all my friends getting shot. Now they just get eaten. Still better than being shot, as far as death wise though. I replaced The Goat on night one, and got NK'd night four. Meh. I was Beta Wolf. Town won the game, which just goes to show I'm not a ver good werewolf. Especially when the town is ludicrously over powered and the werewolf had NO gimmicks, no tricks, nothing except one nightkill per night to help themselves with. I died, and mafia lost. Hmm.

Death of a Towns Person

This is a game being run by Mr.Flay. A newbie game, a very confusing (andt hus fun) newbie game, I made it to LyLo and the town won. Yay. That was a close call, but the scum kind of screwed up obviously enough for the second scum lynch to be a good shot. It was day 2 that was so rough. I was right on the mark regarding the scum partners, day 2.

Open 20 - Pie E7

Zindaras won, as scum, due to someone cough who was town absolutely not caring about the game. Apathy losses, especially when you aren't the apathetic one, are the worst kind.

Mini 442 - Beast Wars

I replaced into this game very confused and under some pressure. I was cleared by multiple players, but I was still under threat of lynch (which is odd). Anyways, town won, with successful lynches. Scum wound up giving up, which is always a plus.

Mini 499 - Typical Mafia

This was my first game as a vig, and I really enjoyed playing the role. I believe that the entire town won this game, because everyone had a part in defeating the bad guys. DrippingGoofball helped a lot, as did Skitzer, who while modkilled, both led to Gorgon scum AND eliminated any possible scum fakeclaims,w hich wound up screwing both pwayne66 and chocolateattack. Cicero as the blood thirsty doctor rounded up the mix. I really enjoyed the game, it's probably one of my favorites I've been in so far.

Open 19

It is now day three, and there are no nights. I replaced now_a_ranger. This is an interesting game, too. I've never played in a nightless game. Mafia don't night kill, so after day oen starts, they have to try and survive to a point of outnumbering the others players. This was a very long, very grueling game. It came down to me, thok, and guardian. I feel that guardian's biggest slip up (which b anished any thoughts that he was jsut goofy town making mistakes) was his quick voting at LYLO. I honestly thought Thok may be the last scum, but Guardian was desperate to get soemone lynched so he had to do his hardest gambit, and it failed. Go Thok!

Mafia 68 - Ork Mafia

This was a FUN game, that wound up with a town win, but it was still a pretty close call, until we lynched Scotmany. (Yay) 6 power roles, 4 scum. The scum didn't have any significant power roles themselves, and that DID make it unbalanced for them. But they played well enough, at least at first, to have been able to win in the traditional way (because they knew who they had killed and who they hadn't).

Mini 507 - Big Brother Mafia

I replaced into this game very hopeful that I would help secure a town lynch, but I botched things up horribly. Scum didn't even NEED to try and go after me: They actually nominated me, I guess, because they knew that I would nominate towneis for them. Ugh. I believe that there was a more than likely shot that town Wouldn't win: one mislynch (even in the beginning of the game, like we had) resulted in a scum majority. Anyways, I was wrong about everyone and scum won, of course.

BM's Mystery Mafia

I was lynched in this game. Lynched because I stated a statistic about MoS, and was set upon, mostly, by other townies. So sad. Town lost, of course. How can a town that lynched me, hope to win???

Open 35 - Big Love Mafia

This was a fun game. I replaced in to find Ether and Zindaras in the game with me, as well as various other players I know and enjoy playing with. I was scum with Ryan, Korlash, and The Fonz. Korlash replaced Zindaras, who fleed the game thinking I was going to bus him. Did I bus? No! I unbussed. Well I attacked Ryan, who was the 'most town' in the game, I called out discrepancies between two of the lovers recounts of one of them, which if htey had listened to me would have led to a Zindaras lynch (yay!)... and I defended NabakovNabakov for (I think) pretty good reasons. I really really enjoyed dragging Ether through the mud in this game. :D

Food Fight Mafia

This was a fun game to play in, run by DrippingGoofball. In it, players had food to throw as votes - food couldn't be unthrown and if one person wasn't sufficiently 'covered' by the end of hte day, they lost. I was completely on the money about Battle MAge and caught one scum almost single handedly... after that though, I wound up being backed into a corner and couldn't really do much, efficiently, and wound up  being nightkilled. Supposedly I was unawaredly helping one mafia team or another, but I don't know anything about that.

Mini 427 - Clue Mafia 2

I replaced Ancalagon towards the end of day 2, and was killed Night 2. I was Colonel Mustard, Townie. I never really got the chance to get involved in this game, which was kind of fun.

Mini 532: Yaw's Split Open Mafia

This is an interesting game being run by bird1111, where roles can be switched around, opened and closed, etc. Mikeburnfire won this game as an SK, which I saw at the beginning of the day but didni't really push as hard as I could. I kind of blame the person that I Replaced in a different game, who was being extremely.. ignorant, for his claimed role. 

==Newbie 548 - [1ville]== Town did a great job in this game, two scum lynches in a row! A lot of discussion led to well informed guesses. ==Pirates vs Ninjas== This is an age old question that probably needs to be resolved, and the best way to resolve it is by enacting it online as a mafia game. Mr Stoofer is the mod of this game. I was Pirate scum with TheStatusQuo who breadcrumbed our n1 kill in his confirmation post, and Kaleidesc0pe who claimed a lover in a game with multiple scum groups. *sigh* I had an awesome fake claim set up, but never got to use it because the vig took things personally and decided to NK me because I Antagonized him. My fault, really. Town win.

Normal 53

I replaced into this game during the night phase as a combat medic, and the game was abandoned before the next day started.

Exile Mafia

I signed up for this fascinating game by GreenLiquid, which I am excited to be played in. The lynching mechanics are unusual. I was lynched day one, out of me, RagingRabbit, JDodge, and Cheesefan, I was lynched. I enjoyed my part in this intriguing, complex game. I was a vanilla townie. This game was abandoned day two, and it turns out I was at least semi-right in both my theory and the relationships between certain players. I knew Maz was scum! KNEW IT!

Mini Mafia 415

This game, run by Jules, has no significant flavor. In a way, the lack of flavor.. gives it flavor! I replaced ixnayonthehombre. It was modkilled by MeMe after Jules disappeared after the server upgrade.

Mafia 65: The Pursuit of New Vinci

@&#$@#! I was finally a MASON, and I was starting a large normal from scratch, and I get NK'd NIGHT 0. Shot *AND* forked or something, what the hell!! GRRRR!! I HOPE THAT SCUM PAY FOR MY DEATH!!! AND PAY DEARLY! I WAS LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS GAME!!!The game was abandoned. Why? Because I was dead. Obv.

Mini 479 - Carebears

I was scum in this confusing game that, unfortunately, never really got of the ground. I twas abandoned after the mod had to replace me after accidentally sending me someone else's night action. I was Bashful Bear, mafia, and I was sort of like a 'unevolutionizer'.

Methodical Mafia 2

This was a 'one day' game wherein votes were situated before the first lynch and through a series of instant run off elections, people were lynched until one side or another won. It doesn't seem methodical to me except for hte mechanics, because it was a very harried game that I stayed up WAY too late for several times. I was mafia and was alive at final two, at which point I won. Yay. Maybe the second bast scum victory yet.

Off Site Games

These games are all on Other websites which host Mafia Games. Check them out, they are fun!

This was my first game on WiFom, and was run by Strelz. It was my first time in any forum mafia game being scum! I was in the Barbarian Mafia with Cyan and DivineChaos. It was a very convoluted game - we tried to kill the opposing Mafia's godfather night one, which failed. Lots of power roles and role blocks wound up getting Cyan lynched and DivineChaos night-killed by day three. I tried my best to get the roman mafia lynched, but Primate, unfortunately, saw through my plans. :( I got lynched. Really sad, I hadn't been lynched as scum before (obviously). Town did wind up winning that game.

This game run by CPE started a streak of very bad day one endings for me. I was an Insane Day Cop/Vig (50% chance of either). I investigated Cubus day one, got a guilty, claimed, got him mis-lynched, and died that night. It's horrifying just to remember. Town did win, though. Yay.

This is a game run by Primate. I'm still alive in it, and on day three used an ability that skipped an entire night phase and went straight on to the next day. Two scum were successfully lynched without a night phase in between. YAY! The game is over, and town won, and I lived through it! Awesome game by Primate, this man is very smart. The roles and background flavors were amazing. Scum accidentally trapped themselves into a lynch by claiming a vengeful townie - we lynched him expecting him to kill one of the other two uncleared townies, and he wound up just dying instead. Yay!

This game, being run by Sentinel99, has been abandoned. I was The Haitian, a roleblocker. My cohort was Jobie, who NK'd Jathan after Jathan literally claimed IN THE GAME what our roles were day one.

This is an experimental game being run by Colin. A seven player Lyncher game with 4 townies, a lyncher, a jester, and a mafia. I was nightkilled night two, and Mafia wound up winning! Of course. A Skruffs-less town always loses. :)

This game, run by Strelz, had a very unique setup. Three 3-party factions and 3 'miscellaneous' roles vie for control of a small town. I replaced IH in this game on Night Four. I won as the sole surviving mafia, too, after killing Primate fanatic, getting the other fanatic lynched, and then nightkilling the remaining townie. I like replacing in near end game as scum.

This is a game based on the concepts of GOO. I think. Basically targetting or being targetted by goos of other colors can affect your alignment, role, etc. A Black goo for example is a reverse-targetting cult. If you target it you also become black goo. This game has been abandoned. I was Lavender Goo - a reverse doctor.

Magic the Gathering Forums

Speaking of games run by TheStatusQuo, this was an awesome game he ran. Stormtroopers are good, Padme is evil, and Savethedragons gets killed twice! Doesn't get better than that. I was lynched, Day 6, as a Vanilla Townie. Le sigh. You can not win them all. One of my favorite games, regardless. I got mislynched in a rather futile culthunt at the end of the game after pouring my HEART AND SOULD into this game! Oh well. Thanks Shea!. :)