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P016: 1 Yea, 2 Nay
P016: 1 Yea, 2 Nay
P017: 1 Nay
P017: 1 Yea, 1 Nay
P018: 1 Yea
P018: 1 Yea
(Updated as of post 67)
(Updated as of post 67)

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Modeled after Allomancer's Nomic 2.0.


1. Skitter30

2. OkaPoka

3. Inferno390

4. Aronis

5. Tris

6. NotMySpamAccount

7. Charles510


All players must always abide by all the rules then in effect. These rules only apply within the realm of the game, which consists of this wiki page and game thread, as well as anywhere else defined by these rules.


A player is considered active when they post /in in the game thread. A player is considered inactive if they have not posted in a week. An inactive player can be considered active if they post re-/in. Inactive players may discuss in the game thread, but may not submit or vote upon proposals. A player is also considered inactive if they post /out.


No rule can be made to stop further amendments, additions, deletions or changes to the rules.


No-one may edit or delete any post on the the game thread, with the exception of the initial post, which may be edited to display important information at the discretion of the moderator.


Immutable rules automatically override mutable rules unless an immutable rule specifies otherwise.


All active players are eligible to vote and have a single vote.


All immutable rules may be amended, repealed, or transmuted to mutable rules by unanimous consent.


All mutable rules may be amended, repealed, or transmuted to immutable rules by a supermajority.


Unaminous consent is defined as 100% of the active votes in support. A supermajority is defined as greater than 2/3 of the active votes in support. An absolute majority is defined as greater than 50% of the active votes in support. A plurality is defined as having the most votes in support of it in comparison to the competing options. For the purposes of calculating the number of active votes, tally up the total number of votes possessed by all of the active players in the game.


All new rules are mutable.

Mutable Rules


No proposals can be voted upon, enacted, or failed without at least 3 active players.


Proposals shall begin numbering at P001 and count up by each ordinal number. When a proposal is made a new rule, the new rules will begin numbering at R301 and count up by each ordinal number.When a proposal amends a rule, -A1 shall be added to end of the rule number. The number will count up by each ordinal number for subsequent amendments. The original text of the rule, prior to any amendments, shall be designated by the suffix -A0.


Amendments can modify the rule they are a part of. When two amendments to the same rule conflict, the higher amendment number takes precedence.


Proposals require an absolute majority to pass.


Whenever a mutable law conflicts with a mutable law, or an immutable law conflicts with an immutable law, the lowest ordinal shall take precedence unless otherwise dictated by the laws involved. If both defer to each other, then the number rule applies again.


Votes for proposals should be done using the vote tags and include "Yea" or "Nay" and include the proposal number. A player can also abstain from voting; their vote will not be counted among the number of active votes.


A current list of all rules, players, proposals, and other important information shall be maintained by all players on the wiki page. The list can be updated by any player, active or inactive. The moderator should set a precedent for the format that all other players shall follow. If a player is unsure of how something should be formatted, they should ask in the Nomic thread. Should any player edit the wiki page not in accordance with the rules of the game, the edit shall be rolled back.


The player who makes a proposal is automatically assumed to be voting for it.

Current Proposals


Proposed by: OkaPoka

Yea (0) -

Nay (2) - Inferno, Aronis

There shall be one and only one currency, the coin. All current players upon passage of this proposal shall start with 100 coins and the government shall start with 1000 coins in reserve. No new coins may be created without the consent of a supermajority.


Proposed by: Tris

Yea (5) - OkaPoka, Inferno, NMSA, Tris, skitter

Nay (1) - Aronis

Amend R107 to say: "All immutable rules may only be amended, repealed, or transmuted to mutable rules by a proposal with unanimous consent."

Amend R108 to say: "All mutable rules may only be transmuted to immutable rules by a proposal with a supermajority."

Amend R204 to say: "Proposals are enacted when they meet the requirement given by another rule, or if no other rule does so, when they have an absolute majority."


Proposed by: Tris

Yea (3) - Tris, NMSA, Inferno

Nay (2) - Okapoka, Aronis

A rule may provide a means by which players win the game. When this happens, each player who won is a Winner until the next time a player wins the game.


Proposed by: NMSA

Yea (1) - NMSA

Nay (1) - Inferno

Any rule which has an effect retroactively requires a supermajority to pass.


Proposed by: NMSA

Yea (3) - NMSA, Inferno, skitter

Nay (1) - Inferno

The office of Executive is established.


Proposed by: Inferno

Yea (1) - Inferno

Nay (0) -

A Motion is a action that can only be made by a specific player who possesses the capability to do so. The ability to perform a Motion is only given by a rule that states as such. Motions shall begin numbering at M001 and count up by each ordinal number. A Motion may be passed by absolute majority. A Motion's clause always consists of a thing that will happen when it is passed, i.e., "X will occur." Motions cannot change the rules in any way. When a motion passes, the effect stated immediately occurs.


Proposed by: Inferno

Yea (1) - Inferno

Nay (0) -

Players will take turn in order of the player list, starting with player one and passing in descending order. Should a player not submit a proposal or motion turn within 24 hours, the player forfeits his turn and play passes to the next player. The turn is immediately passed when a player submits any number of proposals or motions. Once the last player on the player list has taken his turn, the turn cycles back to the first player.


Proposed by: Inferno

Yea (1) - Inferno

Nay (0) -

Players are ordered in the player list according to the order that they joined.


Proposed by: Inferno

Yea (1) - Inferno

Nay (0) -

Players may only make 1 proposal to add or remove a single rule OR 2 separate proposals to amend or transmute a single rule on their turn. In addition, on their turn they may perform any number of motions on their turn.


Proposed by: Inferno

Yea (1) - Inferno

Nay (0) -

All players have the ability to perform a Motions so as they may ignore any turn restrictions placed on them by other rules. They may do this in conjunction with making proposals, and in conjunction may submit more proposals that the stated limits by any rules. However, should the motion fail, a number of those proposals, chosen by the player who submitted them, must become void and cannot come into effect, so that the player's turn falls under the restriction placed on them by any other rules.


Proposed by: Inferno

Yea (3) - Inferno, Aronis, OkaPoka

Nay (0) -

Any player may vote or change their vote at any time.


Proposed by: Inferno

Yea (1) - Inferno

Nay (0) -

Amend R104 to state: "No-one may edit or delete any post on the the game thread, with the exception of the initial post, which may be edited to display important information at the discretion of the moderator, or in the sole case to adjust proposal numbers so they are in accordance with the numbers of other proposals in this thread, so as to avoid confusion."


Proposed by: Aronis

Yea (1) - Aronis

Nay (2) - OkaPoka, Inferno

A player may retract their proposal at any time. When this occurs it does not go into effect and cannot be voted on any longer.


A new fiat currency will be created. It will be named 'Charletons' in honor of representative Charles510. The Charleton Reserve will be established to oversee this currency.

Section A. The Charleton Reserve Oversight The chair will oversee the distribution of Charletons and track the number of Charletons every player has. Charletons will be tracked through a separate wiki page that is visible to all players. Aronis will serve as the chair. Other positions may be added to aid the Chair at their discretion. The chair is responsible for updating the Charleton wiki page a minimum of once a week and will be responsible for interpreting rules related to the distribution of Charletons.

Section B. Allowances and Salaries All players in the game will immediately be granted 510 Charletons upon passage of this bill. Anybody that joins the game for the first time following the passage of this bill will be granted a one time boon of 510 Charletons. A weekly allowance of 51 Charletons will be given to every player provided they vote on one (or more) bills throughout the duration of the week. The weekly allowance will be given out by the Chair to all eligible players within 48 hours of the week ending. A player will receive an immediate one-time allowance of 1 Charleton for every page top post they make. In the event the player double posted to obtain this page top, they will be ineligible to receive the allowance. The Chair of the Charleton Reserve will receive a salary of 5 Charletons a week provided they update the Charleton page at least once. The Game Moderator(s) will receive a salary of 10 Charletons per week provided they make at least one meaningful update to the wiki. Other salaried positions may be added through the passage of new rules. A player may receive multiple allowances/salaries a week as long as they meet the requirements.

Section C. Infractions Should a player fail to follow a rule, they will be fined 5 Charletons for each infraction. All rule violations that occurred prior to the passage of this bill cannot be prosecuted. A player may have an account with negative Charletons due to excessive rule infractions. Should a player commit three or more rule infractions in a week, they will be ineligible to receive an allowance and/or a salary. A rule may increase or decrease the fine for a specific offense by specifying that within the text.

Section D. Usage Charletons may be transferred to any player in the game by posting an order in bold in the main game thread.


You may give your vote for specified proposals to another active player using the HEAL: playername and proposal tags. You may also remove this right using the HURT: playername and proposal tags. You may not delegate your one vote to multiple different players. Players you have delegated your vote to may give their votes and your votes to another delegated player.


A player who creates a proposal controls that proposal. The controlling player may alter their proposal at any time before it is passed. Players may not alter the proposals they do not control, but they met suggest changes that can be adopted by the controlling player. Whenever an alteration is made to a proposal, the new form of that proposal must be posted in the thread and all votes on it are reset, except for the controlling player's vote.

Failed Proposals


Amend R204 to say: “Proposals require an supermajority to pass.” (Reason: Repealed)

Passed Proposals


The player who makes a proposal is automatically assumed to be voting for it.

Repealed Rules



P001: 2 Nay

P003: 5 Yea, 1 Nay

P005: 3 Yea, 2 Nay

P006: 1 Yea, 1 Nay

P007: 3 Yea, 1 Nay

P008: 1 Yea

P009: 1 Yea

P010: 1 Yea

P011: 1 Yea

P012: 1 Yea

P013: 3 Yea

P014: 1 Yea

P015: 1 Yea

P016: 1 Yea, 2 Nay

P017: 1 Yea, 1 Nay

P018: 1 Yea

(Updated as of post 67)