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Logo mafiascum medium.jpg This user plays Mafia. (Talk)

Shos is a 24 years old (as of 2017) mafia player and moderator. He is an Israeli Physicist and Mathematician who MUCH prefers being scum/3p than town, and enjoys modding complicated setups.

Prefer to be a Pro-Mafia Player. J promafia sign opt16.gif

Shos won in the 2015 open setup design contest, in the mini category with a small multiball. Since then, he has modded several games, including the attempt to make the smallest balanced multiball (7-8 players). These games were called "Dem Tryouts".

Games played

Game W/L Moderator Role Team Death / Status Comments
1  Newbie 1209: Newbie.exe Loss Xalxe VT Town Lynched D3
2  Politics Mafia Loss JordanA24 Framer Mafia Killed N5
3  Micro 16 Loss ChannelDelibird VT Town Killed N2
4  Micro 18: Train Station in Winter Win gorckat Goon Mafia Survived
5  American Revolution Mafia Win King George III Goon Mafia Lynched D1
6  Micro 26 Win charter VT Town Survived
7  Micro 23: Shadow Hunters Mafia I Loss dramonic VT Town Killed N1
8  Micro 31: Micro Madness! II Loss OhGodMyLife Innocent Child Town Killed N1
9  Micro 30: Ruthless Betrayal Win Parama Goon Mafia Survived
10  Micro 29 Win T-Bone Nurse Town Survived
11  Micro 40: Vengeful Potatoes Win Om of the Nom Goon Mafia Survived
12  Micro 45: Artemis Fowl Win Nexus VT Town Lynched D1
13  Micro 54: Slightly More Vengeful Loss T-Bone Vengeful Town Vengekilled D1
14  Micro 55: Vengeful Potatoes Part 2 Win Om of the Nom Godfather Mafia Survived
15  Micro 58: Charge Mafia Win Empking Roleblocker Town Survivor
16  Micro 61: Speedhunter's Scumthing Win Nobody Special Goon Mafia Survived
17  Micro 65 Loss Equinox Goon Mafia Lynched D3
18  Micro 67: The Rocky Horror Mafia Show Win Zar Hider Mafia Lynched D1 The role wasn't a hider exactly, but rather once at night I was able to target another player and have any actions directed at that player happen to me instead. I also took on that player's gender for the night.
19  Moneybags' Jester Nightless Win Moneybags Jester Third party Lynched D2
20  Micro 83: The Room Loss Shamrock Roleblocker Town Lynched D1 As Slowpoke, a hydra with Moneybags
21  Mini 1327: Murder in the Louvre Loss springlullaby Mailman Third party Lynched D5 The actual role was "artifact." I was a survivor that could send messages to other players. I was also immune to night actions.
22  Mini 1329: Create-Your-Own-Role Mafia Loss julienvonwolfe Vigilante Town Lynched D2 Vigilante until 5 people die; then Compulsive Elite Bodyguard
23  Mini 1355: Space Mafia Loss BBmolla Goon Mafia Modkilled D3
24  Mini 1363: Star Trek Voyager Loss BBmolla Godfather Mafia Lynched D1
25  Cards Against Humanity U-Pick Win DeathNote Neighbor Town Killed N2
26  Mini 1388: 20th-Century Philosophy Mafia Loss Acosmist Vigilante Town Endgamed
27  Mini 1389: The Agency Mafia Loss PeregrineV VT Town Endgamed
28  Mini 1396: Pokemon Gen I UPick Win syndromeofadown Roleblocker Mafia Survived
29  Mini 1418: Khan's Wacky Xylbot Mafia Loss Kublai Khan Goon Wolf Lynched D3 I was the Alpha, meaning I had to perform the kill each night.
30  Mini 1419: First Time Mafia Win Quilford Gunsmith Town Survived
31  Micro 142: Pokemon! Win chkflip JOAT Mafia Lynched D1
32  Mini 1432: Clue Master Detective Win guille2015 VT Town Survived
33  Mini 1441: Khan's Wacky Xylbot II Mafia Loss Kublai Khan Inventor Town Endgamed
34  Mini 1462: Serra's Fun House Loss serrapaladin Mason Town Endgamed
35  Mini 1465: RRatRBS: CoaS Win SaintKerrigan Hero Town Lynched D1
36  Open 456: Faith Plus One Win borkjerkfin Goon Mafia Survived
37  Open 457: Double Day Unlimited Loss CF Riot VT Town Endgamed
38  Open 458: Carbon-14 Win Shamrock VT Town Survived
39  Mini 1530: Guyett's Paranoid Geology Trip Loss Guyett VT Town Endgamed
40  Mini 1524: Olympian Gods Mafia Win Elyse Rolecop Mafia Survived I was both a rolecop and an encryptor.
41  Micro 226: Mafia Under the Sea Win Human Destroyer Goon Mafia Survived
42  Micro 242: Les Miserables Mafia Win penguin_alien Tracker Town Survived
43  Micro 244: Meme Mafia II Win Rick Roll Lyncher Town Survived I was the Overly Attached Girlfriend, so I had to place my vote on people based on their interactions with my "boyfriend." I would have turned into a lyncher had my boyfriend been lynched, but he wasn't.
44  Micro 245: Saving the Riverdale Empire II Win penguin_alien VT Town Survived Re-rolled. Cabd also modded.
45  Micro 255: Sabotage Mafia Loss AngryPidgeon Dispatcher Town Lynched D1
46  Micro 256 Loss Malakittens Nurse Town Endgamed
47  Micro 292: Jester Nightless Loss Wisdom VT Town Endgamed
48  Micro 297: You Picky Bastards Win Saulres Jailkeeper Scum Survived I was town at first, then turned scum.
49  Open 536: Faith Plus One Loss bubbajack8 VT Town Lynched D6
50  Micro 338: SADOMAFIOSOCHISM Loss Bicephalous Bob Jester Third party Suicided D1
51  The Fall of Gondolin Mafia Win Plum Voyeur Town Survived
52  Open 553: Farmer's Market Win Wisdom Fruit vendor Town Endgamed
53  Mini 1552: Paranoia Loss Antihero VT Town Lynched D4
54  Micro 326: Let the Love Spread Loss GuyInFreezer Lover Town Committed suicide D4 As Interdimensional Arsehole, a hydra with Guyett. Started out as third-party empowered ascetic loved unlyncher, later a town empowered ascetic loved lover.
55  Micro 345: Cult Vengeful Win Aegor Cult recruiter Third party Survived
56  Mini 1581: The Final Radiant Tales of the Golden Dragon Trigger Win Natirasha Flavor Cop Town Killed N2 As Interdimensional Arsehole.
57  Mini 1583: Austin Powers Win Perpetually Nonsensical Goon Mafia Survived
58  Mafia With the Quickness 2 Loss Zachrulez Vengeful Town Lynched D1
59  InuYasha Mafia Loss Cephrir Vigilante Town Killed N5 Full role name was "Demon Scenter Searching Empathic Vigilante"
60  Breaking Bad Season 1 Loss JasonT1981 VT Town Lynched D1
61  Robin Williams Mafia: Remembrance Win farside22 VT Town Survived
62  Mini 1607: Night in the Asylum Win Rob13 XXX Town Killed N1 Role was "schizophrenic"
63  Robbery! At the Casino Loss Majiffy VT Town Killed N4
64  Micro 350: Jester Nightless Loss pieguyn VT Town Endgamed Jester won.
65  Micro 355: Nomination Mafia + Summertime Sadness Loss Marquis VT Town Lynched D2
66  Micro 375: UpickIdea Loss Natirasha Recruiter Third party Lynched D4 Rerolled.
67  Micro 388: Choose Your Role Loss Who Bulletproof Town Lynched D3 Was also a self-watcher.
68  Mini 1614: Cutthroat Kitchen Mafia Loss Medea the Alien Mason Town Endgamed
69  Open 553: Farmer's Market Loss Wisdom Fruit vendor Town Endgamed
70  Micro 391: Mafia Tabletop: The Kobolds' Lair Loss BBmolla Ranger Town Killed
71  Micro 397: A Very Serious Mafia Game Loss The Bulge VT Town Lynched D1
72  Micro 400: Choose Your Role Mafia 2 Loss Who Bodyguard Mafia Lynched D1 I was an elite bodyguard.
73  Micro 409: Bad Cop, Insane Cop Win JasonWazza VT Town Survived
74  Micro 410: Meme Mafia Win Saulres Commuter Town Survived I had a post restriction, as in, all my posts were restricted. I couldn't post.
75  Micro 423: RWBY Mafia Loss caledfwitch Motivator Town Killed N2 I was kind of a hybrid motivator/JOAT, but I added modifiers instead of actions.
76  Capcom Crossover Chaos Win Kise Proxy voter Mafia Killed N1
77  Mini 1622: (Hilariously) Unbalanced Mafia Win mastin2 Doctor Town Killed N1
78  (Hilariously) Unbalanced Mafia 2 Win mastin2 Cop Town Lynched D3
79  Mini 1643: World of Mafiacraft Loss killerjester Watcher Town Lynched D4


Win Loss Draw % Faction
28 27 0 50.91%  as All Factions
13 20 0 39.39%  as Town
12 5 0 70.59%  as Mafia / Werewolves
1 0 0 100%  as Cult
2 2 0 50%  as Self-Aligned

Modded games

# Game name Size Game outcome Comments
1. Open 551: Hard Boiled 13p Town win
2. Mini 1578: Lord of the Rings 13p Town win

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