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A Shapeshifter or Disguiser is a scum that can take the place of a townie who is killed at night and masquerade as him from that point onward, except without any special powers that might have come with whatever power role, if any, the townie had. The Shapeshifter, after this transformation, will still appear in any checks by the Cop as scum.

The transformation follows this process:

  1. Scum select a Townie ("Ms. Y") to be killed at night.
  2. Shapeshifter "Mr. X" selects that Townie "Ms. Y" for the target of his transformation.
  3. The townie Ms. Y is killed at night (if, for whatever reason, the killing does not occur -- e.g. if a Doctor successfully shields her from death -- the transformation will not occur, and the rest of the steps in this process will be aborted).
  4. The dead body of the townie Ms. Y transforms into the shape of the shapeshifter Mr. X, so that when the corpse is discovered in the morning, people will think, "Mr. X died in the night."
  5. The shapeshifter Mr. X transforms into the shape of the townie Ms. Y, and is able to masquerade as that townie, speaking and casting votes (but lacking any role powers she may have had). Townies may not realize a shapeshift has occurred unless the Gravedigger digs up the body or the Cop checks Ms. Y.

Because of the complicated mechanics involved in implementing a Shapeshifter role (with one player needing to switch identities with another), this role is not seen outside of, which has specialized software to accommodate it.

Methods of catching

If a courtesan does a roleblock, he can ask for the roleblocked to announce their roleblock (rather than announcing it himself), and in this way tell if the player he roleblocked was shifted into.Template:Fact