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Alright, meta time. Here's some links to games I'm played on so far.

Newbie Games

Newbie 1508

Role: Vanilla Town

Town win

Summary: This was my first game on the site. My play was... pretty bad, to say the least. I had no internet at home, so I could only post every few days or so. I tried my best to keep up, but ultimately it was the skill of other players that won this game for me. I did give the hammer on the last scum, but I hadn't even heard of "Intent to Hammer" at that point. Meh.

Newbie 1524

Role: Mafia Goon

Mafia win

Summary: This was the second game on that I played in, though it lasted longer than my first micro game. I was allied with BlueBloodedToffee. The game was fairly plagued by replacements and inactivity, but managing a perfect scum win did take a bit of finagling. The first two town lynches were fairly easy, but Day 3 almost left BBT lynched. In the end, we took out a hapless townie and won.

Newbie 1541

Role: Town 1-Shot BP

Mafia win

This game had me taking a bit of my own medicine from my last newbie game. Perfect scum win and a psych setup in LyLo that all but guaranteed scum would win even if we hadn't mislynched. I don't feel too bad about my play this game, but I definitely found myself susceptible to scum buddying me. Going to be watching out for that in later games.

Newbie 1557

Role: Vanilla Town

Town win

My first non-LyLo mislynching on this site! My play was pretty terrible due to RL factors, but thankfully the town pulled together and took out the scumteam without skipping a beat. Thankfully nobody could read the deadchat until after the game was over, because my reads were pretty terrible. All in all, not a bad newbie game.

Micro Games

Micro 382

Role: Town Earl

Mafia win

Summary: This was a perfect mafia win due to some fairly poor town play. Day 1 ended with a lynch on a townie, led by the town cop. Day 2 left me with a few town reads, but a hard sheep attempt from one player eventually got him lynched by another townie who was overenthusiastic about hammering. Said townie came back day 3 with a vote on me right out of the gate, leaving scum an opportunity to squeeze an easy perfect win out of us. Not thrilled with my play this game.

Micro 392

Role: Vanilla Town

Mafia win

Summary: This was a kingmaker game, so the setup was a little new to me. Had a short slightly tunnel-y start, then half the scumteam got modkilled for lurking. With no associatives at all, it was pretty obvious the scum were going to win. Not the worst game ever, but not exactly memorable, either.

Micro 407

Role: Town Neighborizer

Town win

Summary: This was an intense game. Day 1 started with a few minor tunnels and not too many leads. Lots of setup spec. After pulling a really obvious reaction test, I was put up to L-1 and softclaimed my role. (I said I was a PR with the option to confirm the next day.) I had to make a plan to protect myself, so I started dropping hints in the thread that the reason I wasn't fully claiming was because I was bulletproof. I was very lucky to not have been NK'd by the scumteam, considering BBT was there and he knows my play pretty well. Tons of gambits, lots of paranoia, and overall a fantastic game.

Micro 431

Role: Vanilla Town

Mafia win

Summary: A perfect example of two townies suddenly deciding to tear each other apart at the last minute. T-Bone was being scumread ALL GAME, and both myself and Belisarius had him at the top of our scumlists. Come LyLo, and we both go into hyper-paranoid mode and end up cross voting, sealing the deal against the town. A pretty embarrassing loss, but also a really fun game and a neat setup.

Micro 440

Role: Vanilla Town

Town win

Summary: This was a very short game! The setup was Triplicate, which is mountainous. Kept my vote on the same player all game due to a slight suspicion during RVS that blossomed into a full scumread. Almost got myself lynched over it, I felt, but eventually things worked out okay. The game was over at day 1's end, since we caught the scumteam. I was pretty proud of having figured them out before the day was over, though it was only tenuous.

Normal Games

Open 570

Role: Vanilla Town (Died a mason)

Mafia Win

Summary: This was a pretty fun setup. I died early on AND lost the mason team an ally, since I was NK'd and recruited N1. That'll teach me to look so town! Can't give much of an insight into the rest of the game, but it looked to me like the mason team was being scumread and those players with accurate scumreads were eliminated for various reasons.

Large Games

NY 178

Role: Werewolf Neighbor

Summary: So this game was a lot of firsts for me. It was my first large, my first multiball, and the first game in which I was vigged. Didn't get very far into it, sadly, since the town vig suspected me really hard. I managed to quasi-bus my buddy, which I hope slowed his lynching, but eventually our team was taken out. Town still lost to the mafia, but it was a pretty close game. I was pretty overwhelmed, so this might be my last large. Will have to see.


Town W/L Ratio: 4/9 - 44%

Mafia W/L Ratio: 1/2 - 50%