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About Sanjay

Sanjay is a medical student. He has a webcomic called Cowbirds in Love and he is (apparently?) also Looker's deity of choice.

He can juggle.

This guy has the unique distinction of being both my favorite and least favorite player on the site. Favorite because he kicks ass, least favorite because he's made me lose every game of mine that he's replaced into. Simply put: this guy is epic win. - Archaic Robert

Sanjay's Record

Isn't the real measure of victory the fun we had, the friends we made, and the people we killed?

Sanjay's games

Newbie 825: Forum Mafia
Moderator Alignment Role Entry Status Outcome
Vi Town Cop Replaced in for maxmatsu on Day 2 Killed Night 3 Mafia wins on day 5.
What a heartbreak. Haylen and CSL (the scum) might tell you otherwise, but I feel like I single-handedly lost this game for the town. Go me.
Other players involved: RayFrost, Shikahake7, Clueless Tuquee, Haylen, Kill-kill, Maemuki, magichands, Cain, Padilla, Dizzle, CSL, Taranski, maxmatsu
Mini 814: Neighbor Mafia
Moderator Alignment Role Entry Status Outcome
mykonian Town Citizen Replaced in for Henrz on Day 3 Survived! Town wins on Day 3!
This game was a lot of fun to join. After the town had gotten off to a tremendous start with a day 1 mafia lynch, I got to come in day 3, agree with the excellent scumhunting the town had done already, and drop a hammer. A hard-fought and well-deserved victory for the rest of the town and basically cherry picking for me. While this was not my first game, my participation in it was so brief it was my first win.
Other players involved: KittyMo, MonkeyMan576, Droideka_11, ODDin, Spinach, MiteyMouse, Fluffy, DOESnotWANT, Locke Lamora, Tarballs, Claramata, Starbuck, Henrz
Mini 859 - Cleansing of Falls Church
Moderator Alignment Role Entry Status Outcome
Kreriov Town Citizen Started Lynched Day 3 Mafia wins on Day 5.
I enjoyed this game, but I was completely wrong about everything the whole time, if I remember correctly. Fun people to play with.
Other players involved: BigBear, brothernature, ConfidAnon, DeathRowKitty, EtherealCookie, Far_Cry, Idiotking, Looker, nook, Peabody, Shrinehme, don_johnson, ZazieR, Knight of Cydonia, Furry, archaebob, havingfitz, danakillsu
Newbie 846
Moderator Alignment Role Entry Status Outcome
hohum Mafia Goon Replaced in for BlueRaven on Day 1 Lynched Day 3 Mafia wins on Day 4!
I replaced into this game because the players looked like a lot of fun to play with. Unfortunately, by day 3, everyone I had replaced in to play with was either inactive or dead by my hand. Luckily, by then Zachrulez had replaced in as an amazingly capable scumbuddy, and we distanced and bussed each other to victory. This is the first game I ever was lynched in, and I went down like a champ.
Other players involved: foilist13, Zyriex, python, archaebob, Muffin, Gambor, RedDeath9, muh316, BlueRaven, Noramp, KittyMo, Zachrulez, RayFrost, Amished
Perfectionist Mafia
Moderator Alignment Role Entry Status Outcome
Max Mafia Framer Started Killed Twilight 5 Serial Killer wins Day 6.
Aggh. I feel like I had the victory in my grasp. Everyone had town reads on me. Unfortunately, I was seen as too obv. town for the serial killer, so I died and picked up the loss. I still feel dumb about how I played this, because I could have steered the lynch towards who I thought the serial killer was.
Other players involved: Mufasa, SolemnJ, saberwolf, nook, RealityFan, BloodCovenent, DeathNote, Santos, Lowell, EtherealCookie, AlmightyBob, Wickedestjr, dramonic, My Milked Eek, StumpyTheElephantMan, Snow White, MrSuave, Sposh, Starbuck, xRECKONERx, FaerieLord, Deuxieme Octopus, ZONEACE, manho, elvis_knits, zwetschenwasser
Open 174 - Lovers Mafia
Moderator Alignment Role Entry Status Outcome
Sajin Mafia Lover Started Survived! Mafia wins on Day 2!
Oh, I was so sneaky this game. I deliberately fed the town some questionable theory in LYLO which got us a misvote and malpascp and I pounced. I really love this setup and hope to play it as town sometime. Sajin is cool.
Other players involved: dramonic, zwetschenwasser, 12Keyblade, ZazieR, imkingdavid, malpascp
Mini 854 - Dice Mafia
Moderator Alignment Role Entry Status Outcome
Empking Town Citizen (Red die) Replaced in for Rosso Carne on Day 2 Survived! Town wins on Day 4!
This was a fun setup. Each player rolled a die at the beginning of the day to determine how many votes they got. For a while the game was kind of a drag because I didn't have very strong reads on anyone, but after Excedrin and I decided to not worry about that and get lynching, I channeled the great Rosso Carne and hammered two scum in row to win the game. Woo!
Other players involved: le Chat, Excedrin, lewarcher82, mathcam, Rosso Carne, Nachomamma8, Casey
Newbie 837: Woodstock Mafia
Moderator Alignment Role Entry Status Outcome
orangepenguin Town Citizen Replaced in for Kitten4u on Day 3 Survived! Town wins on Day 5!
Oh my. This game absolutely healed my heart. Dedicated Sanjay fans will remember that I disregarded my scum read on an inactive mafia IC to go after town-RayFrost to lose Newbie 825, my very first game. That loss haunted me and now, no longer. Town-RayFrost and I put it all together on day 4 and did some awesome browbeating to catch not just the inactive mafia IC, but his scumbuddy too. Good play all around this game, including some amazing doctor work by Altilysian.
Other players involved: Kitten4u, RayFrost, joe478, EtherealCookie, Altilysian, HowardRoark, 12Keyblade, X, startransmission, TheStinger, Spinach, Looker, Lab Mafia
Mini 876 - Tree Stump II
Moderator Alignment Role Entry Status Outcome
SensFan Town Tree Stump Started Alive Game cancelled due to inactivity.
Fun setup, fun group of people, but unfortunately in addition to the fun group of people there were a bunch of people who just didn't post. Too bad. This would have been a fun game. Tree Stump is basically my favorite role.
Other players involved: saberwolf, Sudo_Nym, The Fonz, Chinaman, Tjoe Min Ja, Quagmire, Cobalt, Empking, Mr.Jester, Shanba, Cybele, Kairyuu, Kirbyoshi, Haylen
Mini 873 Plainview
Moderator Alignment Role Entry Status Outcome
Benmage Town Citizen Replaced in for Chinaman on Day 1 Killed Night 4 Mafia wins on Day 4.
Papa Zito fooled us all! Nice play on his part. Very fun town. Especially archaebob.
Other players involved: lexprod, Papa Zito, foilist13, AlmasterGM, Muffin, SocioPath, MordyS, Gammagooey, afatchic, PhaerieM, Chinaman, cruelty, peanutman, archaebob, SpyreX
Newbie 876
Moderator Alignment Role Entry Status Outcome
bird1111 Town Citizen Started Killed Night 2 Mafia wins on Day 4.
My first game as an IC! It was really fun. I think everyone had a good time and learned a bunch. Some pretty excellent play by mafia here.
Other players involved: ExKirby, SIR CYANIDE, Akaleth, Entropypr, Guybrush, Sakako, chauchaudotcom, startransmission, Zang, Feerus, Demi Mondaine
Moderator Alignment Role Entry Status Outcome
Gorrad, quadz08 Mafia (Midnight Crew) Godfather (Clubs Deuce) Replaced in for combinatorialEnigma on Day 2 Killed Night 5 Town wins on Day 7.
This was the longest game on the forum. I am now a historical figure. This game was very entertaining. I wish I could have been town.
Other players involved: Nachomamma8, Alduskkel, DeasVail, Sunshine and Rainbows, buldermar, DeltaWave, torgonitoh, ActionDan, Maenara, GaryOak, BroodKingEXE, Quilford, ζ, Zdenek, Alsark, Bumi, Robocopter87, Mehdi2277, numberQ, Vifam, BT, Tazaro, Paschendale, Pandorica, Noir, Epic, malpascp, Strider, xtopherusD, porfervor, Cheery Dog, Fate, SoraAdvent, AurorusVox, DrippingGoofball, Murderface, Nikanor, Titan, Phillammon, Magua, Shinori, Shrimp85, Guy_Named_Riggs, combinatorialEnigma
Mini 1415: Fairly Oddparents Mafia
Moderator Alignment Role Entry Status Outcome
numberQ Town 2-shot weak neighborizing reflexive treestump (Obi-Sanjay Kenobi) / Originally Citizen (Sanjay) Started Killed Night 2 Town wins on Day 3!
This setup was absolutely broken but pretty enjoyable to play. The town had effectively infinite power and the mafia had pretty much no way to stop them. I used my infinite power to turn into a Jedi.
Other players involved: L, adorkable, Balrog, Benmage, captaineddie, Human Destroyer, kiwieagle, Klick, MrZephyr, PeregrineV, Seanald, Vifam