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Hi welcome to my wiki page.

I like to spam.

Records#Largest_days_in_a_Mini_Game I hold the top post count in the games ranked first and second.

joined May 20, 2013

Completed Games

Count: 6 - 1 (.86)

Newbie 1379 (VT, Survived, Town Win)

Played badly as paranoid newbtown. Quickhammered twice. :(

Micro 208 (Town Guard, Survived, Town Win)

<3 Sakura Hana

Open 513 (VT, Shot D2, Town Win)

MVP yessiree

Newbie 1388 (VT, Survived, Town Win)

I have no idea what I was doing this game.

Newbie 1400 (Mafia Goon, Survived, Scum Win)

Hehe. First scum win.

Open 512 (Town Roleblocker, Died Night Two, Town Win)

be warned for massive amounts of fluff and derp

best roleblock !

"It was around page 30 when I started fearing for my sanity." - Sal

Newbie 1404 (Vanilla Townie, Lynched Day Four, Mafia Win)

amg my first loss

Ongoing Games

Newbie 1404

Open 508 (dead)

Open 511

Open 512

Open 514

Open 518

Micro 202

Micro 207

Micro 209

Micro 210

Mini 1477

Mini 1478

Mini 1480

Mini 1481

La Isla de la Muerte

Yes I can handle all of this.




Micro 212



How do I do it? 'cause I can.