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  • Sadomafiosochism
Setup Size:
  • 5
Setup Type:

Sadomafiosochism is a five-player setup consisting of 3 Vanilla Townies, an Innocent Child, a Jester and a Mafia Goon. The goon knows who the jester is, but not the other way around. The IC is publicly confirmed as town at the start of day 1. The game continues after the jester is lynched. If still alive by the end of day 1, the jester commits suicide and the first night is skipped, which is disadvantageous for the Goon. Compulsive plurality lynches and one-week Day deadlines are in effect.

Role PMs

  • You are Mafia. XXX is the jester. You win if you are one of the last two players to stay alive. You may perform a night kill every night. However, if the jester is not lynched on day 1, night 1 is skipped.
  • You are Town. You win if the Mafia is dead.
  • You are an Innocent Child. You are publicly confirmed to be town.
  • You are the Jester. You win if you are lynched on Day 1. The game continues after you win.