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SURVIVOR My Little Monty: Friendship is Magic

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SURVIVOR My Little Monty: Friendship is Magic was the most prestigious and difficult Survivor game in the history of As of the writing of this page, every single player casted has won a Survivor game on this website. With only five players, it also boasts the smallest cast has ever had for a Survivor game, thus reinforcing the accomplishment simply getting casted in this game was. The game started on September 11, 2020. This was significant because 19 years earlier a couple of towers fell down and a lot of people died on this day--much in the same way this game brought down towers of friendship and saw many of's finest Survivor players ever die (not actually--they just got voted out).

The cast for this game was composed of MontyWhittaker, xofelf, cephrir, het and zoraster. Their introductions could not be more beautifully stated than those given in preparation for this game beginning, so I will simply copy and paste them here:

@MontyWhittaker "Monty is a very successful survivor player known for being incredibly loyal to all his friends and he loves taking long walks on the beach with a machete in hand. The MS Survivor player he most wants to imitate is Chris Zegers"

It is worth noting that MontyWhittaker won the VERY NEXT Survivor game he played in after this. It was an anonymous game, so he could not allude to such a fact in his closing speech, but it was obvious that the experience he got from playing in this star-studded affair was the determining factor in him being able to win that game.

@xofelf "xofelf has actually graduated college and has a 10 year old son. xof also found a way to turn the "who's your MS favorite survivor player" question into an insult, saying that they're Vash... but better."

You can see the intensity already forming when xofelf started the game by throwing shade at Vash, another Survivor winner who was unfortunately not talented enough to get cast in this prestigious affair. It is also worth noting that xofelf won the very next Marathon Survivor game they played in. Once again, they were too pressed for time to include this experience in their FTC speech, but there's no question it played a role.

@cephrir "Is incredibly proud of being cast in this game and wants everyone to know that they were cast in this game. (This game is kind of a big deal) Cephrir is, rather surprisingly, most like the player Cephrir on MS!"

Cephrir has not played in another Survivor game since this--in an exclusive insider scoop from the upcoming autobiography about Cephrir, Cephrir: One of's Greatest Survivor Players Ever, I learned that they considered getting cast in this to be the paramount accomplishment of their career and wanted to retire on the mountain top.

@het Is also proud of being on this game and can make a great rolled omelette. het anticipates they'll be most like the MS player, zoraster.

het is currently the heavy favorite to win's Best Mish Mash Newbie award this year and it's almost solely due to their performance in this game.

(Update on 10 May 2021: het was unfortunately robbed of the Best Mish Mash Newbie award at the Mashies. In a show of solidarity with het, all competitors and the moderator of this game announced they would no longer be attending the Mashies due to it's opaque voting system and continued bias against good Survivor moderation and play.)

@[Z] Zoraster Is also most proud of playing in this game (I told you it was a big deal) and you may not know it, but zor is actually old enough to buy alcohol. Interestingly enough, zoraster anticipates they'll play most like het.

An interesting fun fact is that both MontyWhittaker and Zoraster were modding a different Survivor game at this time together, but when given the opportunity to play in this game--they abandoned modding duties for that, knowing just how rare and important of an honor it was to be cast in this game.

One last thing worth nothing, is that just a week earlier, the SURVIVOR Know Your Greatest Players of All Time tribute was unveiled. Both xofelf and Cephrir placed in the Top 15, while PrivateI (AKA MontyWhittaker) was declared one of the Greatest Moderators and het was spotlighted as a Greatest Future Player. Zoraster was surprisingly snubbed. This ranking list was undoubtedly in the back of every player's mind as they begin this journey as they wanted to prove why they deserved to be on that incredibly prestigious list.


The five players were all placed on the FRIENDSHIP tribe. It's worth noting that players were given a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol prior to the game starting. They received this link: [1]

For the first Individual Immunity Challenge, players were given a link to a google form which contained a link to a screenshot and a video of one of the most famous confessionals of all time. The confessional was given by this game's own, MontyWhittaker. With a perfect guess on the timestamp of the screenshot, MontyWhittaker was able to beat the three other players (xofelf, het, and Cephrir) who were all within two seconds of being correct and win the first immunity. Zoraster, not known for being a challenge beast, was five minutes off.

Emotions were running high at the first Tribal Council. When it came time for votes to be read, het said he was "so nervous." Meanwhile xofelf begged for a hug. The first vote was a self-vote for Cephrir. The next vote was for xofelf. Then the final three votes were for Cephrir and they were sent home, in tears. Their chants of "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD" intimidated the other players and left them feeling nervous Cephrir was coming after them. Despite a fairly straightforward vote, the end of tribal was anything but. Zoraster concluded it by calling out MontyWhittaker for alleged duplicity. The tribe was named FRIENDSHIP, but the castaways were anything but friendly. The high stakes were clearly already getting to the competitiors.


For the next Individual Immunity Challenge, the castaways were given a jigsaw puzzle that they had to race to complete--but it came with a SHOCKING twist. They had to solve anagrams in order to unlock the jigsaw. During this challenge, xofelf, one of the greatest moderators on, said "good modding, gold star"--even they know their own modding paled when placed in comparison against this excellent game. MontyWhittaker took the challenge as an opportunity to publicly clarify the disparaging remarks Zoraster had made against him at the previous tribal council. Zoraster called it "historical fiction" and backed that assertion up with a fantastic meme that can be seen here: [] Featuring two of's greatest challenge performers (xofelf and MontyWhittaker), it once again came down to the wire. Last time, MontyWhittaker was one second better, but this time xofelf got their revenge, winning by barely a minute.

With immunity safely in xofelf's hands, it meant the ongoing drama between Zoraster and MontyWhittaker would come to the forefront at Tribal Council. The tribal was once again highly contentious with Zoraster remarking, "Some things are bigger than this game of Survivor, Aronis." It was clear that what happened in this game would not just determine the best Survivor player on, but send ripples throughout the community and world that would be felt forever. It even caused MontyWhittaker to admit that his "biggest regret in life" had to do with his performance on the previous challenge. The drama heated up until the votes were read and MontyWhittaker was sent home in a 3-1 vote and made the second member of the jury.


For the Final Individual Immunity Challenge, the castaways took part in one of the most grueling challenges ever. It was an endurance challenge, where the starved finalists had to eat as much food as they could for as long as they could. Once again, xofelf was in the running for immunity after lasting over 150 minutes. But this time, it was het who took home the crown lasting for 216 minutes.

At Tribal Council emotions were once again high. xofelf had a heart-riveting breakdown about the struggles of being a mother that the millions of viewers could relate to. After a very difficult period of deliberation, het sent Zoraster to the jury and in doing so, set up the greatest Final Tribal Council showdown will ever see.


The Final Tribal Council began with two incredible speeches that must be posted here to truly capture their greatness. First, from het:

Greetings everyone, it's a pleasure to see everyone here after the long and arduous journey that we've faced to get to the end of SURVIVOR My Little Monty: Friendship is Magic.

I believe that I deserve to win MLM:FiM because I've played a well-rounded game combining prowess socially, strategically, and in competitions, and because I believe I represented the theme of the season the best, the idea that Friendship is Magic.

I started out on day 1 making a final 2 with my good friend xofelf, and I stayed true to that alliance, bringing her to the FTC. I additionally worked with Zoraster to ensure that the three of us could make it down to the final 3. What neither of them fully know (xof does partially) is this: (please cue up Extreme Ways before revealing, here's a link: [2]


That's right, through ingenuity and creativity I guaranteed myself a spot in the final 2, and yet, I didn't rest on my laurels, I still put in the effort to win that final immunity challenge, because that's how much this game means to me.

To address the jury individually: cephrir: I'm sorry we never got on the same page, I completely misinterpreted your requests for blood for the blood god. That's on me and I'm sorry.

Monty: You were an amazing competitor and as much as I love you, none of us could let the namesake of the season get to the end. I just had to take the shot at 4 because I have so much respect for your game.

Zoraster: My partner in crime from TRTWIUAA, I was so happy to work with you again here, but you played an impressive game and would be a serious jury threat even with your issue with Monty. Between that and the F2 I had with xof, I had to make the difficult decision to cut you at F3.

Thank you to everyone, I hope to receive your vote.

And last, but certainly not least, from xofelf: Oh wow, it's been such a long time since I've gotten to be here and talk in front of a jury, and I am truly honoured to be here in front of you today. Let's just get into it, yeah?

When I came into this game I was fully intended to just be all sorts of silly and lean into the friendship aspect of it. Why put too much effort and strategy into something silly right? Well, that changed the moment I got a message from zor instantly asking me for an F2. His reasons that no one would suspect was a very valid point, and I have always wanted a chance to do things with him in a game or just more friendship, so why not? But it showed me right there that at least one person was here to play, so I should do the same. I reached out to het to build something as well because I've also wanted to properly get to do things with him in a game, but survivor gods have always been cruel and kept me from giving me what I want. These two agreements were entirely what I was planning to use to get me through this game. It also helped that of the two of them, I at least hoped my average challenge skills could outweigh theirs when needed. As much as I was pretty sure Ceph was all about the friendship, I also know of the pool of people here, he's one of the few that could win a clutch immunity when I might actually need it, so when he didn't have it the first round, I suggested him to zor and also suggested we could maybe get het involved, and zor suggested it to het, and het came to me saying zor suggested Ceph, which was exactly what I wanted. Whether zor was fully setting up Monty by tossing my name as a target to him that first round is neither here nor there, I was more than fine for that setup knowing that zor was likely to cause a public something over it and all the focus would be between him and Monty, and hopefully I'd be good enough to beat Monty for immunity, which I was... ...So it was all going to plan, I'd be sitting at F3 with people I had f2 deals with and who both had reasons not to take each other. Could have talked to Monty but I felt the ruse of being grumpy or shocked by being a vote in the first round might serve me better. But going into the last challenge I knew I needed to at least try, even though I was pretty sure that I didn't actually need to win on my own to be sitting at the end. I missed a post so I couldn't go nearly as long as I wanted to, but het winning was honestly ideal. Zor probably did the most active work in this game so anybody sitting next to him was in for a terrible time, no matter what it was that they had personally done. And I feel like I'm at least on a similar level as het here, and I do wish him the very best. But I want this, and I played this very carefully and deliberately and I'm hoping that you, the jury, will be willing to vote for me to win this game. Thank you all for playing, this was a lot of fun. Aro, thank you for running this so beautifully well, you've been a charming wonderful host. Now I turn the time back over to you.


Incredibly bitter about being voted out first on the season, Cephrir treated Final Tribal Council like a joke. They asked the finalists to provide a gif for each of the jurors and determined their vote based off of that.

Meanwhile Zoraster and MontyWhittaker took a much more traditional approach asking about gameplay and some other things.

het and xofelf did their best to answer these questions. xofelf had to do this despite having a broken keyboard, which for internet survivor players can be likened to the real life equivalent of a broken leg.

Previously UNREALEASED NEVER BEFORE SEEN UNTIL NOW Ponderosa footage gave insight into how the jurors were feeling about this critical vote. Monty was clearly upset at his elimination, stating "Zor broke the friendship train, so he can choo-choo the heck away from the win." Cephrir was so upset they said "I hope everyone loses" and Zoraster upon arriving on the jury, was greeted with nothing but harshness from Monty. Monty screamed "I PLAYED MY HEART OUT THiS GAME. You TOOK my heart, you SMASHED it to pieces, all to advance you in a "game"???" to which Zoraster brutally responded "Yes. I drained the blood of that heart first to slake my thirst for monty's lifeforce."

In the end, this incredibly difficult season all came down to a single vote. Zoraster voted for xofelf, and MontyWhittaker for het leaving it all up to Cephrir. After a very difficult and lengthy deliberation process, Cephrir crowned het the winner of SURVIVOR My Little Monty: Friendship is Magic.


The season was the most successful Survivor game ever ran on In a highly debated decision it was snubbed for the Mashies Best Social Game Award in 2020. The New York Times declared it to be the best survivor season in Mafiascum history, VanityFair gave it 6 out of 5 stars, and the Washington Post said it was unlike anything the site had ever seen before. Following the conclusion of the game, het even clarified his highly controversial prior lie about the two best moderators being on the jury, saying "thanks to everyone, thanks to production and sorry for saying you were third-best mod in S:KYE, but 2 of the mods were on the jury." It was a game for the ages and one ever future moderator on has tried to replicate, but none have yet been able to capture its Magic.