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Rhetoric is language designed to have a persuasive or impressive effect on its audience, but often regarded as lacking in sincerity or meaningful content. It is often scummy.



Lundy was direwolf and King was courtesan:

2019-Aug-29 09:06:19 King Wow Lundy is a major asshole
2019-Aug-29 09:06:23 King All hail the King!!
2019-Aug-29 09:06:50 King So basically Lundy says we should never ask for help
2019-Aug-29 09:06:55 King As that is major sus play
2019-Aug-29 09:07:09 King I have asked a million technical questions in-game
2019-Aug-29 09:07:18 King And everyone was super helpful. What a dick
2019-Aug-29 09:08:03 King Honestly if you want to play the (i think this person is sus coz they maybe sneezed wrong)... then, there are many more people more sus than Hannah
2019-Aug-29 09:08:23 King Besided i am glad Hanna asked that. I had the same question. And i got my answer as well
2019-Aug-29 09:08:54 King And it may seem like i may be on the same faction as Hannah coz of the defending
2019-Aug-29 09:09:19 King But i dont care about that, coz im not, and some player attitudes really piss me off
2019-Aug-29 09:09:29 Lundy who's this clown
2019-Aug-29 09:09:48 King Why dont you attack what Travis said?
2019-Aug-29 09:10:01 King Sorry i mean Brian
2019-Aug-29 09:10:11 King Or LaGuerta
2019-Aug-29 09:10:27 Masuka well that escalated?
2019-Aug-29 09:10:39 King Maybe i am not feeling well
2019-Aug-29 09:10:45 King Maybe i should back down


2019-Sep-05 18:52:20 Miko Not sure why I'm suddenly the one getting lynched
2019-Sep-05 18:52:29 Benedict they want to hear more from you
2019-Sep-05 18:52:36 Miko Boo Hoo
2019-Sep-05 18:52:43 Miko Your supposed to lynch wolves
2019-Sep-05 19:00:31 Miko You know what. If your gonna lynch me, then do it. And lose
2019-Sep-05 19:09:03 Miko Eh, if people can't see this bandwagon for what it is, I don't have the mental capacity at this time to make you realise

Miko escaped getting lynched.