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Requesting Assistance

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This page has official status; unlike most wiki pages, it cannot be edited by normal users. If you believe edits need to be made, please bring them up on the talk page.

Many years ago, when we were still barbarians and the old order still ruled the wiki with an iron fist there exsisted some templates which where there to request assistance from the elders, these have never been explained so that's why the new order ruled by wgeurts have decided to explain these to the now civilised public. These templates place pages in categories which the mods check frequently, so if you want something to get done use them.


Use this template if you have a question you want answered by a moderator on that page.


If there's a user you want blocked from the wiki use this template. Please explain why on there user page as well (This template should be placed on their user page).


If you are absolutely rubbish at editing and formatting wiki pages use this on a page you want fixed. Wgeurts will kindly edit it for you.


If there's a page full of spam or irrelevant content please use this template to get a moderator to review and possibly delete it.


If a page is out of date please add this template to it, the moderators will discuss what to do with it.


If a page contains important information or is prone to frequent spam please add this template to get a moderator to review and possibly raise protection levels for it.


If you want something verified by a moderator please use this template.