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Records/Smallest Large Games

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This page lists records for the smallest Large Games onsite in terms of number of in-game posts. These are counted starting from the moderator post that starts the game (though if the game automatically started after X confirms and the mod doesn't make an official "day begins" post, the time of the final confirm post may be used) and ending with the post where the mod declares the game is over (both these counts are inclusive). (In other words, confirm/pregame posts and postgame posts do not count.) (In other other words, lastPost - firstPost + 1.)

If you wish to add a new record, take note of the locations of the <noinclude> tags. They should surround everything but the top 5 records, which will then automatically appear on the main records page.

Game Players Posts Notes
1 Suicide Bomber Mafia 15 107 All players could suicide bomb themselves and a target, ending the day.
2 Texas Justice Mafia 20 146 All townies were 1-shot Vigilantes and, due to a lucky N1 kill, formed a breaking strategy.
3 Silent Mafia 2 20 171 No discussion, votes only.
4 Assassins in the Palace II 14 175
5 Worse Idea Mafia 18 176 Nightless setup consisting of all players having one daykill every [previous daykills from that player * 24] hours.