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Ready Aim Fire

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Ready Aim Fire is a suspicion-based game similar in some ways to Mafia but much quicker and simpler, allowing any number of players (2+). The basic concept as it is played in the forums is:

  • Every player has a gun.
  • Each round you must PM the moderator with your choice to:
    1. Shoot another player. This will generally kill them, but see below.
    2. Shoot in the air/decline to shoot. This choice will kill you if anyone targets you, but if no one does, you live.
    3. Shoot yourself. This will save you and kill anyone who targets you (for gameplay reasons), but if no one does, you die.
  • The last player living wins; alternatively, a fixed number of rounds can be played for points.

Game records

The game has been played several times on, and countless times in scumchat:

Similar Games

Battle Royale, which adds a movement component to the game concept.

Blind Tag: Ready, Aim, Fire! A modified version with unknown teams.