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Ranger/Ego Quotes

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Standalone Quotes

Open 612 Bad Poet Society

"Ranger has a pretty good ISO I'd say."
- duppin, mid-game.
"I keep re-reading Ranger's post and they just seem more town... It's difficult to read them, there's a lot suggesting that they could be scum, and a now-growing amount that suggest they are town."
- Taly half of Brunneis, above game's turning point.
"sorry for all the shit I gave you @Ranger, you were p much on point."
- pieguyn, postgame.
"Ranger you did good, I don't think you were ever even in consideration for scum in my eyes."
- Firebringer, postgame.
"Ranger had GODreads in the open game I played with her, too, and I spent most of D2 pushing her because her reasoning for it came off as disingenuous. like, calling the whole scum team and linking them all together via associatives _before any of them had flipped_ tier reads. then D3 I reversed all of my reads and we wound up agreeing on everything, and I felt like a dumbass for pushing her the way I did on D2."
- pieguyn, Blitz 21 dead thread, describing this game.

Mini 1730 Suikoden U-Pick

"Lynch Klingoncelt, Suzune and Elibern and if we lose Ranger deserves a scummy."
- wgeurts, Mason chat, on how town Ranger was.
"if I'm not mistaken you're pretty much brand new here (but not to forum mafia), but you're p good. You've got a good head on your shoulders"
- Elbirn, postgame.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

"Ranger made a good scum kill target for a few reasons."
- Kate Bishop (notscience/fferyllt hydra), one of few to do NKA.
"Ranger was p town"
- GuyInFreezer, on Ranger's death.
"Next time don't be so scary on Day 1 Ranger :p"
- T-Bone, postgame, on why Ranger was the N1 nightkill.
"Ranger, your play was pretty tippers. Play more games. You were also pretty great in suikoden, if memory serves I think we both pretty much nailed the scum team d1 as town-mates? Yeah, you do good work."
- Elbirn, postgame, on my nightkill.
- T-Bone, postgame, after Ranger posted her on-point dead thread rantings.

Blitz 21 Hope Plus One kibou

"if anyone is going to save this game it's gonna be Ranger"
- RadiantCowbells, dead thread.
"Yeah so basically Ranger is a mafia goddess."
- RadiantCowbells, dead thread.
"I'm not surprised Ranger PoE'd this."
- RadiantCowbells, dead thread.
"i'd nth whoever noms her for rising star or paragon or whatever"
- Antihero, postgame.
"Ranger did really great. From a stubborn tunnel to catching hiplop."
- Wisdom, postgame.
"Basically Ranger was a god and scum had no chance versus her.

I think that summarizes this game from the point where she started kicking things into gear."
- RadiantCowbells, postgame.

Blitz 26 Maintaining Law, Order...

"Karnage [the game's mod] is ranger alt. Only explanation for the perfect game."
- lane0168, postgame.
"ty town MVP Ranger for hard carrying this game"
- GuiltyLion, postgame.
- Almost50, postgame.
"Youre getting quite the reputation it would seem :v"
- pisskop, postgame.


"Ranger, I loved your play here"
- Syryana, Blitz 2 The Stars My Destination postgame, complimenting play while asking about role-decisions.
"I might kill ranger although I probably jist have to change posting style. I might kill ranger anyways."
- hi im Yakko, Blitz 8 Mafia PT, deciding the kill.
"Aronis made a terrible vig shot. Ranger would've been my last choice."
- Hinduragi, Blitz 11 Dead PT, on the horrible choice in town nightkill target.
"Ranger was right about me too.
Ranger always manages to keep me on my toes"
- Errantparabola, Blitz 12 Double Trouble postgame.
"I went all-in on Ranger, but she made good arguments. I did genuinely think it looked like she was lining up lynches when I made the argument, but she eventually explained it to what would have been my satisfaction had I been town. At that point, though, I was fairly committed and I just went for the jugular."
- Rob13, Blitz 14 postgame.
"Hey Ranger,
I don't really know why you were lynched, I thought it was pretty dumb. My only guess is that it was a mistake to mention that you thought that rkvothe was the doctor because scum would be trying to kill the doctor and rkvothe died. You probably said that because you don't think that scum who killed somebody thinking they were the doctor would be dumb enough to say that in the game thread but sometimes scum are dumb and quite often town are dumb, too, like the town who lynched you. I thought you played well and I really felt your frustration on day 1 with the Phantom lynch; You're welcome in any future games I mod."
- Plotinus, PM, for Blitz 19 post-Ranger-lynch.
"If I'm town, Ranger has to be town. Our play so far has literally been identical, the same posts ping us in the same way."
- PhantomCobalt, Fire and Ice Room, during D1.

Part of a group

Remaining in the town five members are housed
Their skills are so fresh that I'm fuckin' aroused
Ok, that was awkward. Without further ado
Errant here to represent the MYLO crew

First up we got motherfuckin' Ranger
Everyone in the mafia knows she's a danger
Nailing the scumteam by page 13
She's a cold-hearted scum-hunting machine

Next in the house: ika and pieguyn
Mercilessly lynching the scum without dyin'
Took the lead when the straits grew dire
Blockin', shit-talkin' and playing with fire

Speaking of fire, we got a Hermit present
They were a goddamn child that's innocent
They pushed their reads and they were ruthless
A killin' combination of a bear and Toothless

Taly's the same age but so much better
Took some town hate wearing a scarlet letter
Klingoncelt, the corresponding head,
Has skills that are the coolest thing since sliced bread

Last but not least we have duppin the VT
He made winning this game look fuckin' easy
Consider it lucky that he didn't get replaced
To lose those scumhunting skills would be a disgrace

Most importantly, the mod Quaroath
Making the game good for town and scum both
Doin' his best to find the damn replacements
That's it, I'm done, you know I fuckin' aced this
-Errantparabola, Open 612 postgame, on the game's Mylo.
"FireKari and ranger are doing some good work."
- Elbirn, Mini 1730 Suikoden U-Pick.
"What RR, Suzune, and Ranger are saying makes sense to us."
- Yukari, Mini 1730 Suikoden U-Pick.
"Ranger - Hard You-Better-Fudge-Believe-It Town"
- wgeurts, Mini 1730 Suikoden U-Pick, his final reads list.
"There's Ranger too who pretty much nailed all of us."
- Xtoxm, Suikoden U-Pick scum thread, discussing nightkill options.
"With that in mind titus and or ranger are likely the best to eliminate"
- PokerFace, Suikoden U-Pick scum thread, discussing nightkill options.
"Also, there was stellar in-thread masoning happening which quickly shut down mislynch possibilities. bbmolla, Syryana and Ranger had awesome reads right from the start"
- fferyllt, Blitz 2 postgame.
"I thoroughly enjoyed this game. Hiveminding with Molla and Ranger was fun as hell."
- Syryana, Blitz 2 postgame.
"Looking ahead to the NK, my top pick is glorkington. Second is Ranger."
- Persivul, Blitz 8 Mafia PT, discussing N1 targets.
"Do we want to decide here who we'd like to kill? Ranger? AI?"
- texcat, Blitz 12 Vampire Private Topic, discussing targets.
"I would think to kill Ranger / RC / Wisdom probably since they seem like the biggest threats to my immediate survival."
- Expedience, Blitz 21 Mafia PT, on N1 targets.
"Ranger Anti Gork were all so town it was impossible to ever lead a lynch on them."
- hiplop, Blitz 21 Hope Plus One kibou postgame.


"Interestingly though, town winrate in Blitzes has been really high." - RadiantCowbells
"Ranger's been town in most of them." - Plotinus, Blitz 21 dead topic.

"I posted 75 then she immediately called Hiplop is scum, townread every single townie player, correctly called both the docs and simultaneously made herself confirmed town, then called the scumteam. I'm nearly positive that if Ranger wasn't in this game or was dead right now we'd have lost this game hard." - RadiantCowbells
"how did she do that" - Raskolnikov, Blitz 21 dead topic.

"I was planning to nominate her for a scummy after this game." - RadiantCowbells
"That sounds like a good idea. She's a really good player." - Plotinus, Blitz 21 dead topic.