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Random Questioning Stage

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The Random Questioning Stage (RQS) is an alternative method to the RVS to start a game of Mafia. It can take a couple of forms, either with the instigating player posting a string of questions to each player (typically all in the first post), with each player in the game getting one question, or doing it survey-style and posing about 5 or so questions for the whole game to answer. Questions can either be centered around Mafia itself ("Do you prefer town or scum?") to something way off-topic ("Who's that in your avatar?"), depending on how the user approaches the method


  • Actually looks for how people take stances.
  • Instigates further discussion.
  • Avoids mindless random voting, which some view as accomplishing nothing to get the game rolling.


  • Off-topic questions serve no purpose to contributing to discussion.
  • Some questions receive rather uninformative answers. (eg: "Are you scum?" "No, I am not.")