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RISK Mafia

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RISK Mafia
Forum: Coney Island
Moderator(s): rajrhcpfreak
Mini Theme
Status: Abandoned
Winner(s): no outcome yet

A mafia game made by rajrhcpfreak. All roles are known to the players. There is a no reveal once a player dies.

The game is over when one side prevails.


  • Black =
  • Blue =
  • Gold =
  • Green =
  • Grey =
  • Pink =
  • Purple =
  • Red =
  • Silver =
  • Turquoise =
  • White =
  • Yellow =

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  • North America (5)
    • Alaska
    • Alberta
    • Central America
    • Eastern United States
    • Greenland
    • Northwest Territory
    • Ontario
    • Quebec
    • Western United States
  • South America (2)
    • Argentina
    • Brazil
    • Peru
    • Venezuela
  • Europe (5)
    • Great Britain
    • Iceland
    • Northern Europe
    • Scandinavia
    • Southern Europe
    • Ukraine
    • Western Europe
  • Africa (3)
    • Central Africa
    • East Africa
    • Egypt
    • Madagascar
    • North Africa
    • South Africa
  • Asia (7)
    • Afghanistan
    • China
    • India
    • Irkutsk
    • Japan
    • Kamchatka
    • Middle East
    • Mongolia
    • Siam
    • Siberia
    • Ural
    • Yakutsk
  • Oceania (2)
    • Eastern Australia
    • Indonesia
    • New Guinea
    • Western Australia


  • Secret Mission Risk (Survivor): <color>
    • Conquer twenty-four territories, or conquer any eighteen territories but maintaining at least two troops in each. (aka survive to the end game)
  • Choke Point Alliance (Mafia): <color> and <color>
    • You and your partner use your alliance to take territories and hold them by using choke points in the game (i.e. Holding Iceland to keep North America), you win when your alliance prevails.
  • Risk Player (Townie): <color>
    • You want to enjoy a good clean game of risk. Your goal is to eliminate all players that play dirty (Mafia)

Game Rules:

Choosing Territories

Your starting territories have been assigned randomly before the game even started to the colors you have chosen. Every player gets 12 men. Tell me how many men you want on each territory.

Blind Risk

The only thing you know is what countries you own, and who boarders you. If you are part of alliance then you know who touches your alliance mate. You will not have the knowledge of how many troops are in those territories

Dawn (Placing Battalions)

  • Once the attacking phase is over every place will be notified of these actions
    • How your Military Campaigns went
    • Lost territories and who took it from you
    • Territories that lost men (unknown who attacked you)
    • Who now boarders your territories
  • Then you will be notified how many battalion you get. Troops are given according to:
    • How many territories you own divided by 3, min of 3
    • Any you own continents.
  • This will be the opportunity to move your current battalion (fortification) from one territory to an adjacent territory.
  • You will then tell the mod the placement of your new battalions.


  • Every player has the same powers during the day:
    • The beginning of the day everyone will know how many vote each person gets and the amount of votes it takes to become the common enemy.
    • Also at the start it will be revealed if anyone was eliminated from the game
    • To openly discuss strategy
    • Voting for a “Common Enemy”
      • A Common Enemy will be known as:
        • Who is the biggest threat to the town.
        • Who you wish to attack at night.
        • Remember voting is essentially an act of war.
    • Players will get multiple votes based on how many Territories they own divided by 3 (rounded down), min of 1 vote.
      • A player can chose to use their votes on one player, multiple players, or no players.
  • Once there is a majority choosing a player then the day will advance into night.


  • All votes on a player at the time the majority has been reached are locked
  • After a majority has been reached, the rest of the nonvoting town has an opportunity to place their troops onto an enemy.
  • Rule might be changed if the game is changed to a 7, 10, or 14 day shot clock.
    • Rule might be:
      • # of players in the game = # of days before the shot clock
      • min of 7 days


  • Every player has the same power at night:
    • The power to attack (kill) neighbors.
  • The advantage neutral/scum have is the power of the uninformed minority. Scum have the power to:
    • Speak to any partner(s) they have.
    • Know the position of partner(s) troops. And neighboring territories.
  • Order of Attacks
    • When attacking territories, the first vote of the Common Enemy will get to attack first, then second, third, etc.
    • If you have two connecting territories to the person you voted for then you will get a message from me, which territory to attack first.
    • If you have multiple votes and you chose the same person twice
      • You will fight the original territory that you lost to earlier
      • You will fight a second territory because you chose not to fight that territory again
      • You will fight a second territory because there is no other territory you connect with
      • You will fight from the new territory you just won towards a previously blind territory that your opponent owns.
      • If there are multiple choices the mod will contact the attacker.
    • If you do not connect to the person you voted for because of someone attacking that territory first or you just didn’t boarder them in the first place, you will lose the opportunity to attack.
    • After the people who voted for the Common Enemy attacked then the next highest voter will be attacked.
  • Attacking
    • Like normal risk you can roll up to 3 using the formula of:
      • (battalions in a territory) – 1 = # of dice, max 3 dice
    • Defenders can use up to 2 dice. Using the formula of:
      • (battalions in a territory) = # of dice, max 2 dice
    • Mod Assumption that will not change:
      • You voted for this person in the day so you will attack this person with your full force (max dice power).
      • Defender has a high chance of keeping their territory by rolling more dice if possible.
    • I will also assume that you will attack from that territory to another territory until they have won it, or can’t attack any more.
  • Attacking Troop Movement
    • I will assume that when you attack and win, all of the troops will be moved into the new territory except one.
    • You can specify 3 types of attacking troop movement.
      • Move all but one into the new territory
      • Move only the required number of battalions (3)
      • Move half of army into the new territory (option to round up or down)
    • You can only specify one kind of troop movement a turn.
    • You can specify one of those rules to be your rule for the rest of the game unless notified.
    • Changing your attacking troop movement is done in the day before twilight. Once the Night starts I will not allow players to change their movement type.

Extra Thread:

To ensure fair play, there will be a separate night thread for the mod and backup mod. This will contain all the dice rolls and the night logs. It will also help make the game run smoother if for some reason the mod needs to be replaced; FYI I have never been replaced as a mod. Also the end game will be easier to post and let players see the actual mechanics of the game. For the duration of the game it will be locked and only seen by those chosen by rajrhcpfreak, once the game is over it will be unlocked and opened to the public.

  • First post of the night:
    • Territory Info
      • List of Territories
      • Owners
      • How many battalions
    • Final Vote Count
      • Gray: 8 (green, red, blue, yellow, purple, red#2, white, black)
      • White: 2 (yellow#2, gray)
    • Order of attackers
      • i.e. green, red, blue, yellow, purple, red#2, white, black, yellow#2, gray, etc.
  • Second post of the night:
    • Green’s attack
  • Third post of the night:
    • Red’s attack
  • Etc…
  • Last post of the Night:
    • Territory Info (highlighted changes)
      • List of Territories
      • Owners
    • How many battalions
  • Battalion Changes
    • Fortification changes
    • Battalions each player receives and where they were placed
    • Up-to-date list of Territory Info