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Queue is the organizational forum for all Forum Mafia games played on This page and those linked from it will detail the rules and guidelines for using Queue.

General Guidelines

All Mafia games on the forums start in Queue. Games that attempt to bypass Queue will be locked or deleted. Only relevant threads should be started in Queue, to avoid clutter. Off topic threads will be moved, locked, or deleted.

We have these rules for a reason. If you feel something should be changed, feel free to contact the appropriate List Mod, but do not ask them to bend the rules or make exceptions for you.

Questions and complaints should be directed to the appropriate List Mod first.

Types of Games

There are seven categories of game currently used on Games are placed into categories based on whether the game is Normal or Themed, the size, and the experience required for moderators or players. The rules governing playing, moderating, and the definition of each type of game can be found by clicking the appropriate link:

Any game that does not fit neatly into the above categories may be a 'Special Game'. These include some Invitationals and mafia Mutations, and generally require special approval from mith to run. Do not just start a Mafia game in the Mish-Mash forum just because the game queue you want is too long!

List Mods

A List Moderator is responsible for managing the portion of Queue for each type of game. They ensure that things run smoothly. If you have a Queue-related question, ask the appropriate List Mod first. Click the link for more information, including a list of the current List Mods.

Playing on - Overview

In order to join a game, go to the appropriate thread in Queue and post that you would like to play in that game or type of game (this is generally done by posting "/in").

  • For Open, Normal, Mini Theme, and Newbie Series Games, all signups take place in a single thread for that type.
  • Large Theme Games have individual signup threads started by the game moderator.
  • Quick Games have signups in the game's thread.

Keep the following in mind before signing up:

  • Consider your schedule before signing up for any game. A single game of Mafia on the forums will take months to finish.
  • Read any available information on the game or game type before joining a game. Some games have specific rules or requirements that you may not be able to satisfy.
  • Know your limits. Don't sign up for more games than you can handle. You are expected to be involved in your games, not just post meaningless comments every few days.
  • Currently there is no limit on the number of games you can play. However, there may be limits on the number of a particular type of game you can play at once, so check the rules for the type your want to play.

Moderating on - Overview

Each game on has a game moderator (sometimes more than one). The moderator serves three purposes:

  • To manage the game by sending roles, processing night actions, providing vote counts, enforcing the rules, and otherwise keeping the game going.
  • Optionally, to provide flavor for the game through role PMs (in Theme Games), death scenes, and in other ways.
  • In some cases, to design the setup and rules for the game.

Moderating is a service to the community, not a right or a power trip. Decisions should be made objectively, following the rules of the game where possible and the spirit of the game where the rules are found lacking.

Moderating is a significant commitment. Because of this, larger and more complicated games require more experience, in order to reduce the impact of moderator abandonment:

  • New moderators must have been active on the site for at least three months and completed at least one game on as a player. Anyone meeting these requirements may sign up to moderate a single Approved Open or Mini Normal game.
  • Moderators who have successfully run one game to completion are eligible to run Large Normals, Mini and Micro Themes, and Open games that aren't Approved.
  • Moderators who have successfully run two games to completion are eligible to run games from the Large Theme list. These moderators may run multiple games at once (at most their amount of experience), as long as they have backup moderators for each game.
  • Moderators who have successfully run at least five games to completion may apply to mith to be eligible to run Special games.

For more information, see How to Mod, Modding Requirements, or the page for the relevant game type above.