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Alias: none
Alignment: any
Role type:
  • Voting
  • Passive
  • Negative Utility
Choice: none
Not to be confused with Priest (Werewolf Online)

A Priest is a role whose player cannot cast a hammer vote. An attempt to cast a hammering vote may be met either with a vote count where the Priest's vote does nothing (confirming the player as a Priest), or a modkill.

Priests are essentially never seen in practice, but are traditionally Town-aligned.


This role is the inverse of the Actor.

A player who is restricted in who they can hammer, but not completely banned from hammering, is a Semi-Priest.

Use and Power

Unless the Priest is capable of casting an uncounted hammer vote, there's no way to prove a given player is a Priest. The "hammering gets you modkilled" variant is at best no different from Vanilla and at worst a distraction to the Town.

A Priest who can cast an uncounted hammer vote is unlikely to be able to save themselves with a claim: there's no real reason a Priest necessarily has to be Town. However, this version of the role has some use in fake hammer gambits; you can "hammer" someone shortly after a votecount shows them at E-1 (with you off the wagon), thus convincing everyone that you actually did hammer, and may get informative reactions before the moderator reveals that the elimination actually didn't happen after all.