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Role Abilities:

Each Power Role in a Game of Mafia has additional abilities when compared to a Vanilla Townie. These abilities may be beneficial, disadvantaging or wholly neutral. The MafiaWiki has sorted these roles into groups which share similarities with one another.

  • Informative Roles: These are roles which have the ability to learn information otherwise unaccessible to a player. The most well-known example is the Cop, which can discover the Alignment of a player each Night.
  • Killing Roles: Killing roles provide players with the ability to kill another player in some form or another.
  • Manipulative Roles: Manipulative roles are roles which allow a player to interfere with the actions of another, thus changing their intended outcome.
  • Communicative Roles: These roles are capable of confirming information regarding themselves or others, an example being the Innocent Child. They may also allow players the ability to communicate with each other outside of the main-thread.
  • Voting Roles: Voting roles affect the voting-mechanics during the Day-phase of a game.
  • Passive Roles: Passive roles do not require any active action from a player, an example being the Ascetic role.

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