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  • Polygamist
Setup Size:
  • 12
Setup Type:

Polygamist is an Open setup which is mainly characterized by a group of four lovers, who happen to be scum. The original idea was created by Adel.



  • Day Start
  • Nightless
  • Every group gets only-pregame discussion, nobody gets daytalk or night-talk.

Standard Role PMs


You are a member of the mafia, and a lover with XXX, YYY, and ZZZ. If one of you is eliminated, all of you will die. The four of you may talk prior to the beginning of Day 1.

You win if two townspeople are eliminated before any of you are


You are a member of the town, and a lover with XXX, whom you also know to be a member of the town. If they die, you will as well. The two of you may talk prior to the beginning of Day 1.

You win if a mafia member is eliminated


  • The Goon Lovers are all lovers together, so if any one dies they all die.
  • The Townie lovers are tied together in pairs. Each pair dies together.

At the end of Open 88 it was proposed that this setup inherently favors Town. By randomly eliminating, the Town has a 60% chance of winning (as it is exactly equivalent to 2:4 Lovers Nightless). However, truly random eliminations will not occur in practice because scum cannot and will not eliminate themselves; further, it was noted that scum voting each other up to E-1 would make them consistently look great under vote analysis. It was also discussed that massclaim should occur either early Day 2 or very late Day 1 to keep scum Lover claims as implausible as possible. See also White Flag Gambit.

A smaller version of this setup with an theoretical 50% win rate per faction is True Love.

Completed Games

Open 76 - (Town Win)
Open 83 - (Town Win)
Open 88 - (Mafia Win)
Open 135 - (Abandoned)
Open 145 - (Town Win)
Open 183 - (Mafia Win)
Open 243 - (Mafia Win)
Open 364 - (Mafia Win)
Open 422 - (Mafia Win)
Open 485 - (Mafia Win)
Open 503 - (Mafia Win)
Open 537 - (Town Win)
Open 705 - (Town Win)