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Pokemon is series of mafia games run by Radja. This page will contain an overview of all games that have finished.

Episode 1

Pokemon Episode 1

Winners: Wild Pokemon

E1pidgey.jpgFire Starter: Pidgey, Wild Pokemon Neighbor
E1spearow.jpgWisdom: Spearow, Wild Pokemon Roleblocker

Losers: Town

E1ash.jpgbeeboy: Ash Ketchum, Town Innocent Child
E1pikachu.jpglilith2013: Pikachu, Vanilla Townie
E1delia.jpgBoonskiies: Delia Ketchum, Vanilla Townie
E1oak.jpgBlueBloodedToffee: Professor Oak, Town Professor
E1cheer1.jpgElsa and Anna: Brown-haired Cheerleader, Town Neighbor
E1gary.jpgRanger: Gary Oak, Vanilla Townie
E1cheer11.pnghi im Yakko: Blue-haired Cheerleader, Town Neighbor

Episode 2

Pokemon Episode 2

Winners: Team Rocket

E2jessy.jpgKuroiXHF: Jessy, Team Rocket Rolecop
E2james.pngWisdom: James, Team Rocket Goon

Losers: Town

E2ash.jpgbeeboy: Ash Ketchum, Vanilla Townie
E2pidgey.pnglilith2013: Pidgey, Vanilla Townie
E2jenny.jpgKaboose: Officer Jenny, Town Cop
E2misty.jpgBlueBloodedToffee: Misty, Vanilla Townie
E2rattata.pngMollietov Cocktails: Rattata, Vanilla townie
E2pikachu.jpgCobblerfone: Pikachu, Town Thundershocker
E2chansey.pngFire Starter: Chansey, Vanilla Townie

Pokemon Statistics


Winner Faction

Wild Pokemon: 1x
Team Rocket: 1x

Loser Faction

Town: 2x