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A hydra for Zar and Plessiez.

Game History

Game W/L Mod Role Team Death Comments
 A Dance With Dragons Loss Eddard Stark Skinner: Non Consecutive Roleblocker Town (as Plessiezarus Hydra)  Killed N2 We only had one seriously wrong town read :(, at least we were killed in Night 2 before we brought town's demise :P.
Game W/L Mod Role Team Death Comments
 The Wire, Season One Loss The Baltimore Sun Wintell "Little Man" Royce, Barksdale Goon Town (as Plessiezarus Hydra)  Killed N4 Town almost won this, actually (only lost in 3 person LYLO), but the actual result seems deserved. Note to self: no more experiments with using meta, thanks.