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|Title=Pick & Ban
|Setup Size=Micro
Pick & Ban is an experimental Open Micro Setup designed by [[Natirasha]] and [[GuyInFreezer]].
*1 Mafia Rotating Power Role ([[Roleblocker]], [[Framer]], [[Rolecop]])
*1 Mafia Rotating Backup Power Role
*1 Town Rotating Power Role ([[Jailkeeper]], [[Doctor]], [[Cop]])
*1 Town [[Backup]]
*5 [[Vanilla Townies]]
* Each night, the Mafia team must ban one mafia role and one town role. The result will be publicly announced at the beginning of the following day.
* Each day, in addition to the lynch, the town must pick one mafia role and one town role to be enabled the coming night. The roles will be picked by majority. If no majority is met by end of the day, the power will be chosen by plurality. In case of a tie, whichever reached the plurality first will be chosen.
* If mafia role is not chosen by the end of the day, mafia get the choice of his power.
* When the town power role is killed, whatever their current power is is disabled permanently.
* The first time the town power role is killed, the mafia lose their ability to ban roles at night.
* There is a small night zero for the mafia to select their bans, but no night kill during that phase.
* In the case of Mafia Roleblocker and Town Jailkeeper, the Roleblocker takes priority over Jailkeeper.
*'''{{plink|t|33202|Micro 258}}''' (Town Win)

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