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(Zero Quality Drawings)
(Zero Quality Drawings)
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== Zero Quality Drawings ==
== Zero Quality Drawings ==
[ Telephone Pictionary: Elements of Surprise]
[ Telephone Pictionary: Elements of Surprise]
[ Telephone Pictionary: Colorcoupia]
[ Telephone Pictionary: Colorcoupia]

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Opening (Update 5)


Jumble on Social Media

I was going to post some links here, but for some reason it keeps tripping the spam filter. Sorry >.>

Zero Quality Drawings

Telephone Pictionary: Elements of Surprise

Telephone Pictionary: Colorcoupia

The Jumble Cinematic Universe (read: LSGs I've played)

LSG Played + character (if applicable) Summary Placement
Allocate/Execute IV It's all fun and games until someone throws a hundred votes on you. 21st/24
Nonary Game: Ambidex Panic (Havel Cordell) "Can I use my buff?" "no" "Ok, cool." Lost (/w 4 BP)
Disney's World Domination (Sphero) The 99 Bottles of Beer thread is still my greatest achievement in LSGs, ever. 23rd/30th
Survivor: TRTWIUAA Don't make jokes about your own elimination, because it will happen shortly afterwards. 31st/31
Big Brother: Blitz Absolute challenge beast...until I needed it the most. 9th/11
Hybrid: Hunger Games (Tapu Lele) I didn't throw the challenge, I swear! 23rd/24
Survivor: Social Distancing (the votes went) 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 11th/15
Big Brother: A Quiet Place (15) 8th/12

LSGs that aren't MafiaScum-based (because where else am I going to record them?)

(LSGs before May 2020 not shown)

LSG Played Placement Date
Longterm Circle 29th/50 May 19, 2020 -