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:''Not to be confused with getting [[ninja'ed]].''
| Image = M-ninja.png
| Align = Mafia | Align2 = Serial Killer | Align3 = Town
| Type = Deceptive
| Normal = Yes
| Introduction = A '''Ninja''' is a player who can perform actions that cannot be seen by a [[Tracker]], [[Watcher]], or similar role; it has the same relationship to action investigations that [[Godfather]] does to faction investigations.
| Standard = Ninja actions cannot be seen performing actions by action-investigative roles (e.g. [[Tracker]], [[Watcher]], [[Voyeur]], [[Follower]], and [[Motion Detector]]); all these roles return results as though the Ninja action had not occurred at all. Roles that do not ''investigate'' actions, such as [[Roleblocker]], can interact with Ninja actions as normal.
"Ninja" itself is interpreted as a modifier that applies to a specific action (or, in the case of roles like [[Jack-of-all-trades]], to all actions included within a single multi-part role), making it into a Ninja action; in the absence of further clarification, it applies to a player's [[factional kill]].
| Variations = The Ninja modifier is most commonly used to protect the [[Mafia]]'s (or a [[Serial Killer]]'s) [[nightkill]] from being tracked, but does function to protect other roles from observation as well; the modifier could even be useful for a [[Cop]] or similar role to prevent the Mafia discovering that they were investigated, but is generally only seen in the hands of anti-town players, for whom it is a lot more powerful.
| Use = There will almost never be any ill effects to sending a Ninja to perform the Mafia's kill, so as long as the Ninja is alive, [[Tracker|Trackers]] and [[Watcher|Watchers]] will simply never see the Mafia kill.  This tremendously decreases the effectiveness of both roles, as they can no longer directly catch scum.
The existence of a Ninja generally implies the existence of a [[Tracker]] or [[Watcher]].  Arguably, in the current meta the existence of a [[Watcher]] implies the existence of a Ninja.
| Advice = If you are on a [[groupscum]] team, you should be performing every [[factional]] action that the modifier applies to, unless you fear being [[Roleblocker|roleblocked]]. In other cases, the main influence that the Ninja modifier should have on your play is that you don't need to play around investigations.
As Town, it may be worth claiming earlier than normal in a [[massclaim]]; the main reason not to claim the modifier is that it implies that you have a [[power role]], making you an obvious kill target, but you probably want to admit to it before a player who failed to track you spreads doubt that you have an active action at all.}}

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