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Newbie FAQ

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The purpose of this page is simply to provide some common "mistakes" made in Newbie Games by new players. These are more guidelines than rules. As you get more experienced, you may want to break these. But for now, I suggest taking these to heart.

Q: Should we no-lynch?

A: No. Virtually every Newbie game has someone who suggests a No-lynch on day 1, and every time the ICs have to explain why it's a bad idea. There are numerous reasons to lynch every day you can, despite Probabilities that might suggest otherwise. Suffice it to say, suggesting it will draw you unwanted attention.

Q: Should I self-vote?

A: No. You should never, ever, ever, ever self-vote in a newbie game.

Q: This guy is a jackass and I don't want to play with him anymore.

A: While this isn't a question, we've all been there. But keep in mind that many players use abrasiveness as a scum hunting tool. To some degree, mafia is a game of emotions, and one of the best ways to evoke one is to be a jackass and see how they respond. Keeping this in mind, don't take things too personally.

Q: I'm a new player, so should I sit back and let the ICs control the game?

A: No. While experience counts for a lot in Mafia, it's not everything. Not only do ICs often make mistakes, but it's even possible that every single IC in the game will be scum! If you let ICs drive the game, you may well be heading for a loss. So be aggressive! Not much comes across as more town than trying to figure out who is scum.

Q: How do I scum hunt?

A: Ah. If only I knew a real answer to this. Look for things people say that don't seem to jibe with logic (See: Logical Fallacies). Look for players that are tad TOO defensive. Look for players who appeal to emotion.

Q: How should I fake scum hunt?

A: One of the best methods for beginning players is to act. Put yourself in a state of mind where you make yourself believe you have no idea who the scum is. Then go from there.

Q: Should I vote for my scummates?

A: Yes. Don't buddy up. Avoiding your partner makes it hard to be caught by even an experienced player (See: Distancing and Bussing).