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Newbie 867

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Newbie 867 ~ Mafia Galactica
Forum: The Road to Rome
Moderator(s): Vi
Status: Completed
Winner(s): Mafia

SPACE... the final frontier.

These are the voyages of the Newb game Galactica. Its two-month mission: to explore strange new forums... to seek out new games and new players... to boldly kill who no one has killed before!


Memorable RaindropsTownieTownD1
DragonsofSummer SantosTownieTownN2
RayFrost kestral TryptophanTownieTownN3
Nikanor moonshine21 MalicoireTownieTownD4
Parama alexjanderTownieTownEndgamed



kestral replaces Tryptophan.
DragonsofSummer replaces Santos.

Day 1

RayFrost replaces kestral. Welcome him! (or else)
Everyone welcome Parama, replacing alexjander!

D1 Final Vote Count
Votee Count Voters
Memorable Raindrops 5 Malicoire, DragonsofSummer, Excedrin, RayFrost, hadesblade
Malicoire 2 HowardRoark, Memorable Raindrops
not voting 2 PatriotsDynasty09, Parama

Aboard Galactica, tensions are high as you try to root out the threat among you. The day starts like pretty much every other, Captain Adama gruffly orders the crew to "man battlestations!", you shoot a few Raptors out of the sky, a certain two acquaintances have their weird sexual tension that you wish they'd just get over and do it already...but the evening brings an interesting turn of events.

As you sit with the others and sip the finest Ambrosia at the bar whilst arguing (all prisoners who helped during distillation were treated in the most humane manner possible!), Memorable Raindrops begins to act strangely.

When you accuse MR of being one of THEM, you get a blank look back and little reply. "She must be one of those frakking toasters!" someone shouts. Off to the airlock, out into deep space. Yes! Great! Oh hi, Dr. Baltar is looking for someone? ...oh, guess what...

--- Memorable Raindrops --- Vanilla Townie --- Lynched Day 1.

Night 1

After the unfortunate "accident" that befell Memorable Raindrops, the crew of Galactica decides to take a vacation to a planet several thousand light years away. After you disembark your craft, you wander the desert lost for a while (awesome vacation!) before finding a beautiful oasis and blue lagoon.

Someone suggests you go skinny dipping, because that's the natural first thing people think of when lost on a foreign planet. Unfortunately as you swim, someone steals your clothes!

You see them take off through the lush jungle and pursue your Fruit of the Loom in all of your nude glory. By the time you catch the bandits, they have destroyed your clothes and are stealing from a cornfield, of all things.

Confused by the fact that someone would apparently want to plow a cornfield in an oasis, you fail to notice the gorillas! On horses! With guns! And nets! Oh my!

Amidst the chaos, many of the dullard humans who stole your clothes are captured by the gorillas. This is a surprisingly satisfying outcome (given that you're not getting your clothes back) and you cheer wildly as they are dragged off in the nets.

"Wow, that was certainly non-sequitur," hadesblade says.

"Yeah," you say, "we should get back to the ship before those damn dirty apes come back."

In the thick jungle on the walk back, it is hard to keep track of everyone and just as you begin to emerge from the foliage near the lagoon you hear a loud scream. You rush to see what is going on and tragically discover what happens when a minor character is introduced mid-episode in a cheesy sci-fi setting...

--- hadesblade --- Vanilla Townie --- Killed Night 1.

Night Actions
HowardRoark - Killed hadesblade
Excedrin - Blocked DragonsofSummer

Day 2

D2 Final Vote Count
Votee Count Voters
PatriotsDynasty09 4 Excedrin, RayFrost, DragonsofSummer, Parama
Malicoire 1 HowardRoark
HowardRoark 1 Malicoire
not voting 1 PatriotsDynasty09

Over the next Day, Galactica's High Council met to determine the grim and cruel fate of one of its own kind. After Malicoire led the council in the traditional Spathi prayer ("Oh God! Please don't let me die today! Tomorrow would be so much better!") the discussion began, though to a hunam it may have appeared to be a "mugging". Finally, it was decided that most unfortunately, PatriotsDynasty09 (a former Frungy commentator) was most likely to be traitorous scum and was to be put to a hideous and painful death. However, we honored his time of service to the Council by placing a sweet seasoning on his arms before sending him down in an escape pod to the planet of The Evil Ones.

We don't really know what happened to him after that, but as long as the rest of us can look forward to a lifetime of peace and comfort, his sacrifice will be remembered as long as he has descendants who can make payment on the debt he owed.

--- PatriotsDynasty09 --- Vanilla Townie --- Lynched Day 2.

Night 2

Somewhere inside the boiler room of footage shamelessly stolen from the 1978 Battlestar Galactica, your group observes a strange conversation between what appears to be Sting, Debbie Reynolds, and God.

Dr. Lea Jansen: Kalgan and his men have taken over the ship, father! And the explosion they set off destroyed my Buns of Steel video collection.

Cmdr. Alex Jansen: *looks away, grief-stricken* Yes, this is truly a sad day aboard the Southern Sun. If only we had someone who could save us.

MacPhearson: *points to a catwalk high above* Oi!

Behind the safety of a railing, blonde beefcake Dave Ryder frantically runs to warn the group that Kalgan and his henchmen are coming to kill you. Among the group you hear some background chatter cheering on Ryder.

Slab Bulkhead! Butch Deadlift! Flint Ironstag! Bulk Vanderhuge! Thick McRunfast! Buff Drinklots! Fist Rockbone! Stomp Beefmob! Punch Rockgroin! Big McLargeHuge!

DragonsofSummer does not heed Ryder's warning of "Move! Move! Move!", however, and is tossed over the railing to the ground below. He survives the fall, thankfully, and tells you that he is hoping to get a new lease on life like that poor dead woman in the command center.

"Hang on", you say. "You'll live to see Sherri's birthday party yet."

Unfortunately, as you wait for the paramedics to arrive, one of Kalgan's henchmen comes wheeling around the corner in an Enforcer ("got it from my dad for the weekend"). He's topping out at speeds of three and runs over DragonsofSummer...which kills him, but does manage to remove those pesky scuff marks in his shine.

--- DragonsofSummer --- Vanilla Townie --- Killed Night 2.

Night Actions
HowardRoark - Killed DragonsofSummer
Excedrin - Blocked RayFrost

Day 3

moonshine21 replaces Malicoire. Please welcome him!

D3 Final Vote Count
Votee Count Voters
Excedrin 3 RayFrost, HowardRoark, Parama
not voting 2 Excedrin, moonshine21

Two robots walked/rolled in right at this time. The smaller one emitted a progression of beeps and whistles, to which the larger one replied "It appears that they have gone on for a quicklynch at LyLo! Oh dear."

"Relax, you two." That was Vi, the solo mercenary. The utterly shocked Excedrin reached for his blaster pistol, but Vi shot first.

--- Excedrin --- Mafia Roleblocker --- Lynched Day 3!!!

Night 3

We interrupt this flavor momentarily to wish you a happy New Year and the best of fortune in this upcoming decade. If you contribute to making this world a better place, there's no doubt that the future - our future - will be brighter than it ever has been!

With that said, one of you is dead.

--- RayFrost --- Vanilla Townie --- Killed Night 3.

In addition, one or two of you are about to lose your first game of this decade. This is not to suggest that there's any pressure, aside from spending the next ten years wondering if someone will ask you what you were doing at the beginning of 2010, knowing what your answer will be.

This is the last Day! Good luck!

Night Actions
HowardRoark - Killed RayFrost

Day 4

Nikanor replaces moonshine21. Welcome him!

D4 Final Vote Count
Votee Count Voters
Nikanor 2 HowardRoark, Parama
HowardRoark 1 Nikanor

The Galactica was finally down to its last few non-redshirt crew members as it cruised back toward Earth from its mission to aid the Thermians. The enemy knew that the people on board were only actors, not certified space pilots, and had used that to great advantage in compromising the crew. It finally came down to Commander Parama to decide what to do about the crisis, and he drew his blaster pistol and shot Nikanor, vaporizing him.

There was a great silence as a few lackeys wandered about. Then, Malicoire came through the door to the control deck. Parama wondered what was going on as he turned to face the old "friend"... but then Malicoire opened fire on the deck, killing the flight crew and nailing Parama deep in the shoulder. As "Malicoire" faded to reveal his true form of HowardRoark, Commander Parama used his last ounces of strength to crawl over to the button to activate the Omega 13... but succumbed before he was able to press it.

--- Nikanor --- Vanilla Townie --- Lynched Day 4.

-A win condition has been attained!

--- Parama --- Vanilla Townie --- Endgamed Day 4.

--- HowardRoark --- Mafia Goon --- Survived Day 4!

----- Game Over!