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Newbie 806

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Newbie 806: Birthday Bash
Forum: The Road to Rome
Moderator(s): Johoohno
Status: Completed
Winner(s): Mafia


Nope, this day isn't happy at all. At least not for John Doe, even though it is his birthday. His nine friends (that being the nine of you) finds John dead in his bed. And as you all enter his room singing, his mother soon hears in what manner the song ends and when she comes in and sees her baby boy (i.e. 250 lbs fluffy juvenile gamer of manflesh that is) she gets furious and locks you all in. And she won't open until you've sent out those responsible of the foul deed. So here you stand, nine brave young and unperverted souls, ready to flush out the perpetrators. Well, all nine of you ain't actually unperverted. No less than two of you are ... duh duh duh ... mafia scum.


JamesBond Rashilul SpiritMSTRTownieTownL1
HowardRoark FakemasterTownieTownL2
CSL Toast Toledo88CopTownL3
d3x TheFlyingGreenMonkey???TownEndgamed
facebook somerand0mguy???TownEndgamed


Day 1

On the other side of the locked door you all hear John Doe's mother going through her torture sewing kit for a means to extract the truth out of the first person sent out. It is now up to you to decide who's first to meet destiny.

D1 Final Vote Count
Votee Count Voters
JamesBond 5 Zachrulez, Toledo88, Dizzle, d3x, iPeanut
HowardRoark 2 facebook, sigma
iPeanut 1 HowardRoark
not voting 1 JamesBond

Finally the group of friends decides to send out JamesBond in the hallway. The chosen one shrugs the shoulders and says something to the effect of “no biggie, it’s not like we’re lynched or something, I’ll just leave these tight quarters. Could this even be considered punishm …”and here somewhere the door slams shut behind the chosen and everything is dead silent for a few seconds. And to spare your precious and somewhat innocent souls I won’t retell exactly what happens in the hallway. Perhaps a few well chosen words howled by the chosen states it best: “Nooooo, not the eye lash curler, arrrgh.” And beneath the door a pool of blood is suddenly and quickly forming. The cold-blooded torture of an expert is shattering the consciousness of all of you, praying for it to end as soon as possible. And in about half an hour it does with the confession:

”I am innocent, I didn’t kill John”

JamesBond, Townie, tormented to death Day 1

Night 1

iPeanut, Townie, killed N1

Day 2

You wake up after a night full of nightmares about John Doe's mom. Nobody has slept that well on the floor (since the bed has been kind of off limit due to the corpse lying there stinking up the room). To add insult to injury, one of you doesn’t wake up. Upon closer scrutiny it is obvious that the mafia has struck again.

D2 Final Vote Count
Votee Count Voters
HowardRoark 4 d3x, Zachrulez, facebook, Toast
facebook 1 HowardRoark
not voting 2 Dizzle, sigma

HowardRoark is far more reluctant to leave the room than was JamesBond. And as the door is opened Mrs Doe's hatefilled eyes is seen by all, and that gaze will leave all the remining ones with nightmares. They also see that the instrument for extracting information is switched, from eye lash curler to a pair of pantyhoses. And as the survivers press their ears to the door to find out if HR is guilty or not they can only faintly hear him gasp out his plea before death releases him from his last moment in life within a piece of female garment:

”I am innocent, I didn’t kill John”

HowardRoark, Townie, tormented to death Day 2

Night 2

Dizzle,, Townie, killed N2

Day 3

Haunted by foul nightmares and accompanied by an even fouler stench from Doe’s body you wake up huddling in a group hug, where one of you is dead. You all speedily take to your own corner or space in the room and squinty-eyed watch one another. Now time is nowhere on your side, and if you don’t send out mafia this evening, nobody innocent will ever wake up again.

D3 Final Vote Count
Votee Count Voters
Toast 3 Zachrulez, d3x, sigma
Zachrulez 1 Toast
not voting 1 facebook

Toast is sent out to the dreadful Mrs Doe, while the two scums, Sigma and Zachrulez, kill off facebook and d3x. "We made it, we made it", they celebrate (but they do keep their voices down not to alarm the dreadful beast of a mother outside). Shortly thereafter they knock on the dorr and give her the corpses of facebook and d3x and tell her the lie that those two gave up and confessed to be the last scums. Mrs Doe embraces them and sends them home each one with as many cupcakes as they can carry. "Thank you, boys, you are heroes!" she said.


The game is now officially over with a flawless scum victory (The scums: Sigma & Zachrulez wins).

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