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Newbie 775

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Newbie 775
Forum: The Road to Rome
Moderator(s): TDC
Status: Completed
Winner(s): Mafia


Player Faction Role Death
Head_Honcho Gregory Amberrock Mafia Goon Survived
Incognito bigAl Mafia Goon Survived
Murdock_ Town Vanilla Townie Lynched Day 1
fakegin Town Cop Killed Night 1
The Many Baragash Town Vanilla Townie Lynched Day 2
fallen angel ah2190 Town Vanilla Townie Killed Night 2
nhammen Town Vanilla Townie Lynched Day 3
charter f.i.a.s.k.o Town Vanilla Townie Endgamed
Mr. Flay Town Vanila Townie Endgamed