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Newbie 490

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Newbie 490
Forum: The Road to Rome
Moderator(s): Mr. Flay
Status: Completed
Winner(s): Mafia


Player Role Scene
Andycyca Goon Endgame
Bapa Bail Doctor Endgame
Dusk Townie Endgame
oEJo Goon Endgame
Sudo_Nym Townie Night 1
Tarhalindur Townie Day 2
wank Townie Day1


Scene Player Role Method
Day 1

wank Townie lynched
Night 1

Sudo_Nym Townie Mafia
Day 2

Tarhalindur Townie lynched

Dusk Townie Mafia
Bapa Bail Doc Mafia
Andycyca Goon survived
oEJo Goon survived


Day 1

Lynching Voters
oEJo Bapa Bail Andycyca Tarhalindur

Night 1

Role Player Target Result
Goon oEJo Sudo_Nym success

Doc Bapa Bail Andycyca n/a

Day 2

Lynching Voters
Dusk oEJo Andycyca


Role Player Target Result
Goon Andycyca Bapa Bail success

Goon oEJo Dusk success