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Natural Action Resolution/Normal Game

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Natural action resolution is a system of resolving night actions adopted for use in Normal games.

The system is called natural action resolution because it always gives the intuitively "natural" result for simple situations. It is compatible with the order suggested in Night Choice but covers more cases.

The Golden Rule

Apply actions which modify other actions before the actions they modify.

Applying the Golden Rule in Three Easy Steps

  1. Find an action (or a passive modifier, such as Bulletproof) such that its effect cannot possibly be modified by any other action.
  2. Resolve it.
  3. Repeat from step 1 until all actions are resolved.

Normal Guidelines

Unless the mod states otherwise in their rules, all Normal games must use NAR. The Golden Rule of NAR applies, but just to be extra clear, a list of all normal roles and their order under NAR has been created.

If only one of the actions affects another, resolve that one first, regardless of the positions on the list.


Killing doesn't stop the actions of the dead player. (Imagine that all kills happen at the end of the night, and everyone pulls the trigger simultaneously.) This means that kills generally do not affect other actions for the purpose of the Golden Rule.


It can be hard to decide what can, and what can not be roleblocked. As a general rule of thumb, actions which players choose to use (unless they make them untargetable, such as a Commuter) can be roleblocked, and actions which don't involve player choice can't be roleblocked.