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Howdy, I am mutantdevle. I joined MafiaScum on the 22nd of October 2017 but first started playing mafia games on the 6th of July 2017 on the Everybody Edits forums in the forum games section. You will often find me playing in Central Park, Mayfair Club, Coney Island and Theme Park, though I may join other games upon request. Normal games bore me as I prefer a little more mystery, flavour and setup spec within my play. Because of this, I will only typically play open games that have these aspects within their setup. My main interest in migrating to these forums is to mod games and I plan to do so consecutively (this doesn't mean I won't still be playing though).

Everybody Edits

Everybody Edits (EE) is a live, multiplayer platform game, where you can build levels in a 2D sandbox environment. At its peak in 2012, it would have 2000 players online at any one time building and playing levels. However, due to neglectful ownership, it is now rare for the game to have any more than 100 players online at once. Despite this, the game still means a lot to many of its long-term players, including myself. As such, the forums of the game remains fairly active amongst our small community and a recent change of ownership means the future of the game is looking bright. One of the things that some of us did on the forum was host and play mafia games.

The culture of mafia was very different on this forum than it was here. First of all, every game was what would be considered blitz here. Day phases only lasted between 48 and 72 hours whereas nights were always 24 hours. Day chat was incredibly rare unless it was granted by a scum role. Additionally, barely anyone took the game seriously. Most games never went over 500 posts and most players were lurkers - due to this, giving lurkers a free pass is within my roots of mafia play. If you wanted to play, then the type of game you played was not optional. There was only ever one game at a time and if you didn't like what you were told about the game then it was tough luck. Due to such a small community, you would find yourself up against 'regulars' who joined every game. This meant that meta reading people was the main way to play and was also rather effective.

Here is my full game history of my games on EE:

Discord Mafia 1

Type Size Mod Allignment Role Fate Result
Open Normal Blitz 13 Players Processor Town Vanilla Survived Town Win

Mafia 12 - Legacy Mafia

Type Size Mod Allignment Role Fate Result
Closed Bastard Blitz 13 Players Onjit Town Nightkill Cop Killed N2 Draw - Abandoned By Mod.
Interesting Mechanics: No mafia. Scum = 1 Serial Killer and 1 Fanatic. Each PR could !Legacy someone to pass on their role when they die with the Fanatic becoming the new Serial Killer.

Mafia 13

Type Size Mod Allignment Role Fate Result
Closed Normal-ish Blitz 13 Players Maxi123 Town Vanilla Survived Town Win

Mafia 14 - Transport Mafia

Type Size Mod Allignment Role Fate Result
Semi-Open Rolemadness Blitz 13 Players mutantdevle NONE MOD HOSTED Mafia Win
Interesting Mechanics: Players had to travel to and from the town at the start and end of every day. This meant the day lasted different lengths for each person. Players were told any roles could exist of 66 pre-written role cards.

Mafia 15 - 3v3v3v3 Cults

Type Size Mod Allignment Role Fate Result
Closed Bastard Blitz 13 Players Onjit Purple Faction -> Loyalists Shooter -> Backup Lynched D2 Loyalists Win
Interesting Mechanics: EVERYONE was a part of 1 of 4 cults. 3 cults could kill each night and had a PT whilst the 4th could recruit each night and had no PT. One of the members of the 4th cult was not told their teammates but could role block 2 factions per night. Cults were told if their teamate changed team.

Mafia 16 - The mod is an idiot

Type Size Mod Allignment Role Fate Result
Semi-Open Normal Blitz 11 Players MatthijsFidder Werewolf Vanilla Modkilled D3 after seeing the scum chat posted publically. Draw despite there being 1 town and 1 scum left.

Mafia 17 - Safehouse

Type Size Mod Allignment Role Fate Result
Open Themed Blitz 9 Players HeyNK Town D1 Confirmed Innocent Child. Survived hence Endgamed Scum Win
Interesting Mechanics: 2 scum. Instead of lynching, players would vote to send 1 person to the safehouse. Maximum of 3 in the safehouse. If 2 scum and 1 town get in the safehouse, scum win. If 3 town get in the safehouse, town win. If 2 town and 1 scum get in the safehouse, the 3 players must vote on who to remove from the safehouse; remove the scum to win. Innocent child could not be sent to the safehouse.

Mafia 18 - Troll

Type Size Mod Allignment Role Fate Result
Closed Bastard Troll Blitz 9 Players Onjit Town Vanilla Survived No winners.
Interesting Mechanics: Everyone was a Vanilla Townie.