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Mr. Rogers

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Name: Mr. Rogers, Nojkoor1584

Favorite Role: Town Neighbor

Least Favorite Role: Mafia Neighbor


Mr. Rogers 
I am always town while PokerFace is always scum. Lynch him now!


This user acts as a joke account/alt PokerFace created to go along with his re-naming of unconfirmed masons as neighbors.

This account also appears with PokerFace during the course of his time travels

Played Games

  • Mr. Rogers Mafia - VP Balter ran a game I had to play in as Mr. Rogers and win. Survived as Mafia B Even Night Neighbor

Co-Modded Games

Games where this account was used as a backup inbox by Poker Face

Wes_fr won as SK in what was revealed to be Poker's Bastard Mafia Prototype

  • Bastard Face Mafia - My First Bastard Game where Town and sirdanilot won, 5 players survived

Modded Games

Neighbor Themed Game Designs

Would You Like To Be My Neighbor Mafia

Neighbors Dilemma

The Cul-de-sac