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About Me

Prefer to be a Pro-Mafia Player. J promafia sign opt16.gif

Just starting to get into playing Mafia.

Gamesolving is fun but so is deception.

Completed Games

Games which I saw to their end (or my end)

Game Dates Moderator Role Result Notes/Comments
Newbie 1441 Oct 13, 2013 - Dec 6, 2013 Zaicon Vanilla Townie Town Win Lynched Day 1. I flip flopped a lot and didn't really know what I was doing and got myself lynched.
Open 711 - Stack the Deck Jan 14, 2018 - Feb 11, 2018 Mathdino Mafia Goon Mafia Win Made it to endgame. Was a bit lurky as scum which made people suspicious but I was always less suspicious than someone else who ended up getting lynched. A lot of people thought I was scummy by the end, so I associated myself to a town fakeclaimer and helped to get them lynched in Day 3 MyLo. Result was good but we made it through somewhat because of lucky PR actions. Also had a really good scum team (especially Elsa/Jay).
Open 713 - Jungle Republic Feb 15, 2018 - Mar 23, 2018 mutantdevle Mafia Goon Mafia Win Was pretty widely townread for most of the game. Made some unsuccessful tunnel pushes and quickhammered a Werewolf, which many thought made me the WW partner. Managed to avoid the lynch and the last WW made an unlucky shot and we won the game. Though the quickhammer might not have been the best idea, I think it did do a good job of screwing up associations.
Open 718 - Maintaining Law, Order and Shallow Relationships Mar 23, 2018 - May 4, 2018 LlamaFluff Compulsive Visitor Town Win Pretty weird game, pretty townsided mechanics. Town came out from the very beginning with a breaking strategy and eventually three conftown were produced.
Mini Normal 2075 May 8, 2019 - May 21, 2019 skitter30 Mafia Encryptor Town Win Lynched Day 1. Townies got a few good reads on me and got a wagon going on me before I could respond. Needed to be a little less lurky and fence-sitty.
Mini Theme 2077 - Restless Spirits Mafia May 17, 2019 - June 17, 2019 Ankamius Vanilla Townie Draw Killed night one. Once dead I was made a spirit (given a neighbourhood) with rosterfoster. Interesting mechanic. Thought my townplay was decent while I was alive. Game had to be ended prematurely due to a cheating incident.
Large Normal 221 June 11, 2019 - July 26, 2019 Not Known 15 Vanilla Townie Town Win Lynched Day 5. Need to add comments later.

Modded Games

Game Dates Result Mod PT Notes/Comments
Mini Normal 2107 Nov 7, 2019 - Jan 4, 2020 Town Win Here Careful with flips


Win rates

Faction Win Loss Draw Total Win Rate
Town 3 0 1 4 75%
Scum 2 1 0 3 66%
Third Party 0 0 0 0 N/A
Total 5 1 1 7 71%


Faction Survived Lynched Night-Killed Total Survival Rate
Town 1 2 1 4 25%
Scum 2 1 0 3 66%
Third Party 0 0 0 0 N/A
Total 3 3 1 7 43%