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Mini Mo Meet

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An encore performance hosted by MeMe, Dirge, Fletcher, and Atticus at their home in Missouri! The dates were from August 14-17, 2008.

Order of Attendence, Likely Out of Order

Mafia Games Played

1.) MeMe Mod - Semi-Open Set-Up [9 player] kristocker, Doctor, lynched D1 Atticus, Mafia Goon, killed N1 Craig, Serial Killer, killed N1 Fletcher, Mafia Goon, lynched D2 Town wins! Thesp Vigilante, petrolumjelly Role-blocker, Yoko Kurama townie, Dirge townie, MGIA townie

2.) Thesp Mod - Harry Potter Mafia [12 player] lemuel, Hermione Granger, lynched D1 [later revealed to be mafia; originally just "Hermione Granger"] Sugar, Crabbe, killed N1 [Mason] Yoko Kurama, Bellatrix LeStrange, lynched D2 [Townie] PookyTheMagicalBear, Harry Potter, lynched D3 [Mafia] MeMe, Goyle, killed N3 [Mason] Fletcher, Dementor lynched D4 [Townie] +X killed N4 [Limited Cop] Mr_Gnome_It_All, Ron Weasley, lynched D5 [Mafia]

Town wins! Atticus Dementor [Townie], petroleumjelly Tom Riddle [Townie], +X Voldemort [1-Shot Vigilante], +X Dementor [Townie] survive!

3.) Thesp Mod - Horror Movie Mafia

Boardgames Played

  • Kingsburg x 2
  • Notre Dame x 2
  • Battle Line x 2
  • Wits and Wagers
  • Things in a Box
  • Moods