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Mini 935

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Mini 935 -- The Fountainhead
Forum: Coney Island
Moderator(s): HowardRoark
Status: Completed
Winner(s): Mafia


New York . . . 1922 . . .

I, Howard Roark, have just been expelled from the Stanton Institute of Technology because my modern architectural designs run contrary to everything that the school teaches. I do not know what the future holds, but I know that there are changes brewing.


DeathSauce horrordude0215Peter KeatingMillerL1
SpyreXMrs. KeatingTownieN1
Debonair Danny DiPietroThe DeanRoleblockerL2
KthxbyeAlvah ScarretTownieL3
ZangDominique FranconTownieN3
BudjaGuy FranconTownieN3
crueltyStephen Mallory1-Shot VigN4
d3xEllsworth TooheyGodfatherL5
AlmasterGMHenry CameronJoATL6
FateMike DonniganWatcherEndgamed
RedCoyoteGail WynandTownieEndgamed
PorkensCatherine HalseyTraitorSurvived


Day 1

horrordude0215 requests replacement
DeathSauce replaces horrordude0215

D1 Final Vote Count
Votee Count Voters
DeathSauce 7 SpyreX, Budja, Fate, Porkens, Debonair Danny DiPietro, Zang, cruelty
Zang 3 d3x, AlmasterGM, RedCoyote
RedCoyote 1 DeathSauce
not voting 1 Kthxbye

I know a man of potential. Much to my chagrin he has held status, wealth, and fame higher than the nobility of values, deed, and product. Alas, my good intentioned . . . although less-than-honorable . . . friend has fallen. It's disheartening to know what he could have accomplished . . .

DeathSauce -- Miller -- Peter Keating -- Lynched Day 1

Night 1

They say the hardest thing is seeing a parent bury a child. While I can't agree, I can sympathize. She enjoyed a good life reaping the rewards of her son's success in this world.

SpyreX -- Townie -- Mrs. Keating -- Killed Night 1

Debonair Danny DiPietro roleblocks RedCoyote (no effect)
d3x kills SpyreX (success)
Fate watches Kthxbye (no visitors)
AlmasterGM investigates Debonair Danny DiPietro (guilty)

Day 2

D2 Final Vote Count
Votee Count Voters
Debonair Danny DiPietro 6 AlmasterGM, d3x, cruelty, Zang, Porkens, Kthxbye
not voting 4 Debonair Danny DiPietro, Budja, Fate, RedCoyote

There are those in this world who try to crush the spirits of others. There are those who cannot see what is lost when innovation is suppressed. I have a great difficulty understanding these people . . .

Debonair Danny DiPietro -- Roleblocker -- The Dean -- Lynched Day 2

Night 2

New York . . . 1929 . . .

I have just completed and opened the Enright House. Although most people, including his wife, can not or will not see the beauty, the house is what it was to be.

d3x kills Porkens (recruit)
Fate watches AlmasterGM (no visitors)
AlmasterGM creates BPV (success)

Day 3

D3 Final Vote Count
Votee Count Voters
Kthxbye 5 Budja, Porkens, Fate, cruelty, Kthxby
Zang 1 d3x
cruelty 1 RedCoyote
not voting 2 Zang, AlmasterGM

A hardworking man can often be lead astray. Some may use him as the barometer of public opinion because his values change with the tide. Nonetheless, he was not a bad citizen.

Kthxbye -- Townie -- Alvah Scarret -- Lynched Day 3

Night 3

I know an honest man. He lacked talent and was a shrewd businessman, but at at least he was honest. His philosophies were counterproductive and if I could had stayed under his employ I would have never created the Stoddard Temple. Although, the world may never see it nor the beautiful sculpture inside . . . one piece of art that truly emulated the grace of the model . . . it has been built . . . and has united some of us . . . though their is also loss . . .

Zang -- Townie -- Dominique Francon -- Killed Night 3
Budja --
Townie -- Guy Francon -- Killed Night 3

Porkens kills Budja (success)
Fate watches AlmasterGM (no visitors)
AlmasterGM protects d3x (no effect)
crulety kills Zang (success)

Day 4

D4 Final Vote Count
Votee Count Voters
No Lynch 4 Fate, AlmasterGM, Porkens, RedCoyote
not voting 2 d3x, cruelty

Night 4

Being a person who can see what man is meant to be can be a difficult mentality to bear. His work spoke to me, thus I enjoyed working with him. If only society could see what we saw as the potential and design of mankind . . .

cruelty -- 1-Shot Vigilante -- Stephen Mallory -- Killed Night 4

d3x kills cruelty (success)
Fate watches Porkens (no visitors)

Day 5

D5 Final Vote Count
Votee Count Voters
d3x 3 Porkens, AlmasterGM, d3x
not voting 2 Fate, RedCoyote

Change does not always come about via violent revolution. The most influential change is often propagated via subtle and indirect methods. Promoting mediocrity and social justice . . . devaluing the traits that make man great and the good that individuals can accomplish . . . gently perverting . . .

d3x -- Godfather -- Ellsworth Toohey -- Lynched Day 5

Night 5

Standing proudly for what you believe is a difficult thing. I have just destroyed Cortlandt Homes because it is not as it should be . . . but corrupted by mediocrity, imitation, and weakness. I will stand trial for my beliefs and actions once again.

Fate watches Porkens (no visitors)
AlmasterGM roleblocks RedCoyote (no effect)

Day 6

D6 Final Vote Count
Votee Count Voters
AlmasterGM 3 Fate, RedCoyote, Porkens
not voting 1 AlmasterGM

I have achieved victory at the trial . . . but it has not been enough . . .

AlmasterGM -- JoAT -- Henry Cameron -- Lynched Day 6

Fate -- Watcher -- Mike Donnigan -- Endgamed

RedCoyote -- Townie -- Gail Wynand -- Endgamed

Porkens --
Traitor -- Catherine Halsey -- Survived