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Mini 581

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Andycyca has promised us an article on this soon!
Mini 581
Forum: Little Italy
Moderator(s): Andycyca
Status: Completed
Winner(s): Town


Player Role Scene
thestatusquo Goon Survive
Sethaniel Goon Survive
Avinashv Townie Day 1
Jenter Brolincani Townie Night 1
Ythill Serial Killer Day 2
goborage Townie Day 3
Grimmy FBI agent Endgame
JDodge Townie Endgame


Scene Player Role Method
Day 1

Avinashv Townie lynched
Night 1

Jenter Brolincani Townie SK
Day 2

Ythill SK lynched
Day 3

goborage Townie lynched

Grimmy FBI Agent Mafia
JDodge Townie Mafia
thestatusquo Goon Survived
Sethaniel Goon Survived


Day 1

Lynching Voters
Grimmy/camisade goborage Sethaniel TSQ/Dave Ythill

Night 1

Role Player Target Result
SK Ythill Jenter Brolincani success

FBI Agent camisade JDodge success

Day 2

Lynching Voters
JDodge thestatusquo goborage Sethaniel

Day 3

Lynching Voters
JDodge Sethaniel thestatusquo