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Mini 56

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Mini 56: Paranoid Mafia
Forum: Little Italy
Moderator(s): Darkblade
Status: Completed
Winner(s): Mafia

Mini 56: Paranoid Mafia was a mini mafiascum game played in the Little Italy forum. It lasted from September 8, 2003 until October 12, 2003 (33 days, 23 hours, and 25 minutes) and featured a total of 156 posts.

Pro-town night choices were not listed by the moderator and didn't come up during play.


The players and roles in Mini 56 were:


DiceNight 2UsurperCould only win if KingPin was dead
Foolster41SurvivedMasonMason with Cadmium
KingPinSurvivedGodfatherHad a seperate one-shot kill


CadmiumNight 0MasonMason with Foolster41
CoolBotNight 1Jailkeepercalled Paranoid Doctor
discerEndgameTrackercalled Paranoid Stalker; would get no result if he was targetted
DourgrimEndgameMacho Copcalled Smart Cop; couldn't be protected
indentureddjinn (replaces mikehart Day 1)Day 2Paranoid Gun OwnerHad a 50% chance of killing anyone who targets him
MaverickNight 1Paranoid Copcalled a Paranoid Private Investigator; would only get clues indicating guilt and would kill Paranoid Government Agent if he targetted him
PBuGNight 0Naive Copcalled a Paranoid Naive COp
vIQleSDay 1Sane Copcalled Paranoid Government Agent; whomever he investigated would lose their ability the next night

Third Party

ThothNight 2Serial Killercalled Homicidal Doctor; would show up as doctor to Paranoid Private Investigator

Pregame Flavor

Trouble brews in the town of Salisberry. After two drive-by shootings, it was apparent that a mafia seeking their destruction has made their way into town. But that's only one of their concerns. You see, in this town, everybody thinks someone is out to get them. But are there fears justified? Only one thing is known, the mafia seeks the blood of innocents

Night 0

Night 0 ended with the reveal that Cadmium, a mason, and PBuG, a cop, had been night-killed.

  • Thoth (Serial Killer) night-killed Cadmium (Mason)
  • The Mafia night-killer PBuG (cop)

Night 0 lasted 2 days, 21 hours, and 22 minutes.

Day 1

Day 1 ended with the elimination of vIQleS, a paranoid government agent.

mikehart earned a lot of suspicion because of his lack of posts and eventually was replaced by indentureddjinn. The replacement cause a massive counter-wagon against vIQleS who had contemplated no elimination. Pressed, he claimed his FBI Agent role. Since the role seemed over-powered and vIQleS hadn't investigated on Night 0, he was subsequently eliminated.

Final Vote Count:
vIQleS (5): Thoth, Dourgrim, KingPin, Maverick, indentureddjinn
KingPin (1): vIQleS
Dourgrim (1): Foolster41

Day 1 lasted 13 days, 2 hours, 13 minutes and featured 107 posts.

Night 1

Night 1 ended with the reveal that CoolBot, a doctor, and Maverick, a private investigator, had been night-killed.

  • Thoth (Serial Killer) night-killed Maverick (Private Investigator)
  • The Mafia night-killer CoolBot (doctor)

Night 1 lasted 4 days, and 4 minutes.

Day 2

Day 2 ended with the elimination of indentureddjinn, a paranoid gun owner.

It's speculated that there are probably only 2 mafia and 1 SK. Dourgrim and indentureddjinn immediately suspect and FOS each other. indentureddjinn comes out with a roleclaim of Paranoid Gun Nut. Many of the other players find it suspicious that he didn't claim or play differently, so he was soon eliminated.

Final Vote Count:
vIQleS (4): Dice, Dourgrim, KingPin, Thoth
Dourgrim (1): indentureddjinn

Day 2 lasted 7 days, 21 hours, 7 minutes and featured 44 posts.

Night 1

Night 1 ended with the reveal that Dice, a mafia usurper, and Thoth, a serial Killer, had been night-killed.

  • The Mafia night-kill Thoth (Serial Killer)
  • Thoth (Serial Killer) night-kills Dice (Mafia Usurper)

Night 1 lasted 6 days, 2 hours, and 39 minutes.


discer, a paranoid stalker, and Dourgrim, a cop, die in the endgame.

KingPin & Foolster41 win a perfect game for mafia.