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Mini 4

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Mini Game 4
Forum: Little Italy
Moderator(s): quercitron
Status: Completed
Winner(s): Town

Mini Game 4 was a Mini normal mafiascum game played in the Little Italy forum. It lasted from May 19, 2002 until June 6, 2002 (17 days, 20 hours, and 24 minutes) and featured approximately 149 posts.

Night actions are incomplete as they were never provided by the moderator. Reasonable inferences were made on the assumption that townies never lie. Also, the full setup was never posted so the sanity of the majority of the cop roles present are unknown.

During day 2 of the game, the moderator concluded the day with a deadline lynch. Afterwards, quercitron felt that this move had been an error, so he stripped the mafia of a night-kill the following night.


The players and roles in Mini Game 4 were:


jesternlDay 3Mafia Goon
LucresiaDay 4Mafia Goon)

Serial Killer

SaberKittyNight 1Serial KillerInvestigation Immune


AntraxNight 1Cop (Naïve)
CadmiumNight 11-Shot Vigilante
CorsatoDay 1Cop (Insane)
Internet StrangerSurvivedDoctorAll doctors protected one person per night by majority vote. Replaced Soothsayer during Night 0.
jeepDay 2DoctorAll doctors protected one person per night by majority vote
mithSurvivedCop (Sane)
PolotetNight 0DoctorAll doctors protected one person per night by majority vote
SpinachEaterNight 0Cop (Random)
WyvernNight 3Cop (Paranoid)

Night 0

Night 0 lasted 2 days, 1 hours, and 48 minutes.

Dr. Polotet is walking home from a long night at the hospital caring for citizens of the Town when he hears a strange noise behind him. Catching his breath, he turns around. There is nothing...which is exactly what he soon sees, as a knife appears in his back, killing him instantly. Officer SpinachEater, trailing him from a distance, makes a note of Polotet's innocence and prepares to retire for the night. The Serial Killer has other ideas. In the morning, the Town finds SpinachEater's body...well...code stuck full of zeroes and ones where they shouldn't be. In other words, dead.

Polotet (Doctor) killed Night 0
SpinachEater (Cop) killed Night 0

Known Actions

  • The Mafia night-killed Polotet (Doctor).
  • SaberKitty (Serial Killer) night-killed SpinachEater (Random Cop).
  • mith (Sane Cop) investigated SpinachEater (Random Cop) and got an Innocent result.
  • Wyvern (Paranoid Cop) investigated SaberKitty (Serial Killer) and got a Guilty result.

Day 1

Day 1 ended with the deadline lynch of Corsato (Insane Cop) after 5 days, 1 hour, and 42 minutes of deliberation.

D1 Final Vote Count
Votee Count Voters
Corsato 5 Lucresia, Antrax, jeep, Cadmium, Internet Stranger
jeep 2 jesternl, mith
Antrax 1 Corsato
Lucresia 1 SaberKitty
not voting 1 Wyvern

The Town leads Corsato to the lynching post, and offers him the chance to say a few last words. He growls and pulls out a gun. Someone quickly knocks it out of his hand and drops the platform beneath his feet.

CRUNCH. No more Corsato.

It is only when the Town examines the body that they find his badge and a record of planned investigations, and, heavy-hearted, go to sleep.

Night 1

Night 1 lasted 2 days, 14 hours, and 13 minutes.

In the middle of the night, while most of the Townies are sleeping in their beds, there is a scuffle in Hell, Michigan. Officer Antrax is hastily writing down notes as he pursues SaberKitty, an unsavory but basically innocent character down a city block. There is a shotgun blast, and pieces of Antrax fall to the ground. Cadmium the Vigilante has taken the law into his own hands. But it is too late for him; SaberKitty whirls around and produces a long, thin knife from somewhere inside her coat, then throws with deadly, Serial-Killer-esque skill. Running to Cadmium's body and slashing it several more times to make sure of his death, she prepares to flee the scene.

Then she sees another dark figure, who appears very pleased.

"Grazie, SK the SK. You have caused much chaos. But now, it is time to die."

BANG. One less Serial Killer.

Antrax (Naïve Cop) killed Night 1
Cadmium (1-Shot Vigilante) killed Night 1
SaberKitty (Serial Killer) killed Night 1

Known Actions

  • The Mafia night-killed SaberKitty (Serial Killer).
  • SaberKitty (Serial Killer) night-killed Cadmium (1-Shot Vigilante).
  • Cadmium (1-Shot Vigilante) night-killed Antrax (Naïve Cop).
  • mith (Sane Cop) investigated Antrax (Naïve Cop) and got an Innocent result.
  • Wyvern (Paranoid Cop) invertigated mith (Sane Cop) and got a Guilty result.

Day 2

Day 2 ended with the deadline lynch of jeep (Doctor) after 4 days and 30 minutes of deliberation.

D2 Final Vote Count
Votee Count Voters
jeep 3 Internet Stranger, jesternl, Lucresia
Internet Stranger 1 jeep
No Lynch 1 mith
Wyvern {{{8}}} {{{9}}}
not voting 1 {{{novotenames}}}

There is silence in Hell, Michigan. jeep's accusers slowly walk towards him without making a sound. He tries to defend himself but panics and starts to run, then is strung up on the lynching pole.

"No! I'm a Doctor, can't you see that? You're all Mafia, you're all-"

The rope drops and jeep is cut off, just as he draws a long, thin blade out of his pocket.

Just like the last ten times this story has been used, it's actually a scalpel.

Night 2

Night 2 lasted 2 days, 15 hours, and 20 minutes.

Note: the moderator decided that having a deadline lynch during Day 2 was unfair. So he removed the mafia's ability to night-kill during Night 2.

Known Actions

  • The Mafia did not night-kill.
  • mith (Sane Cop) investigated jesternl (Mafia Goon) and got a Guilty result.
  • Wyvern (Paranoid Cop) investigated Internet Stranger (Doctor) and got a Guilty result.

Day 3

Day 3 ended with the lynching of jesternl (Mafia Goon) after 2 days, 6 hours, and 29 minutes of deliberation.

D3 Final Vote Count
Votee Count Voters
jesternl 3 mith, Internet Stranger, Wyvern
Internet Stranger 2 jesternl, Lucresia
not voting 0 none

With three votes for jesternl, the Town reaches a majority. As they lead him to the lynching tree and attempt to place his head in the noose, he suddenly executes a series of fancy martial arts moves and pulls a special badge out of his pocket.

"Don't lynch me, I'm Jackie Chan!" he cries.

This is when the members of the Town look at quercitron and remind him that this is not Improbable Role Mafia.

Uh...right. So the Town lynches jesternl, and he has a nice stiletto in his pocket, as well as a shotgun (how this would not be obvious to observers, you figure out.) Obvious Mafia scum.

Night 3

Night 3 lasted 21 hours.


Wyvern (Cop) is dead.

Wyvern (Paranoid Cop) Killed Night 3

Known Actions

  • The Mafia night-kill Wyvern (Paranoid Cop)
  • Internet Stranger (Doctor) protects mith (Sane Cop)

Day 4

Day 4 ended with the lynching of Lucresia (Mafia Goon) after 21 hours and 35 minutes of deliberation.

D4 Final Vote Count
Votee Count Voters
Lucresia 2 Internet Stranger, mith
not voting 1 Lucresia

Officer mith and Doctor IS happily lead Lucresia to the lynching pole, where they string her up and shoot her.

No more Mafia.


mith (Sane Cop) and Internet Stranger (Doctor) survived to win the game for the town.