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Mini 1059

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Mini 1059 — Random Mafia 2
Forum: Coney Island
Moderator(s): MafiaSSK
Status: Completed
Winner(s): Mafia


Player Role Scene
Anithero Town Doublevoter survived
drmyshottyizsik Town Roleblocker Day 4
Snarky Mafia Governor Day 5
a2rudeboy Town Mason Day 3
SnakePlissken Scum Mason survived
Fate Neutral Cop Night 2
Mariyta Doc survived
Toon Fighter Town Cop Day 2
xvart Neutral Jailkeeper Night 4
tanstalas Town Townie Day 1
Fenhl Town Roleblocker Night 0
foilist13 Town Cop Night 1


Night 0

Fenhl has died on Night 0. He was a Town Roleblocker.

Day 1

The Apology Vote Count

D1 Final Vote Count
Votee Count Voters
Tanstalas 6 Katsuki,Katsuki, Zoneace, Fate, xvart, Mariyta
MafiaSSK 1 Toon fighter
xvart 1 Tansalas
Fate 1 Foilist13

Tanstalas has been lynched he was a Town Townie.

Night 1

Fenhl has promised us an article on this soon!

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