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MichelSableheart/Moderated games

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A short description of all games moderated by MichelSableheart, including their playerlist and eventual results.

Newbie games

MichelSableheart hasn't moderated any newbie games yet.

Normal Games

Mini 892 - Mayor Mafia
Result: town win
Mayor Mafia was the first game MichelSableheart moderated.
The game featured the special role of mayor. On the first day, the players decided by mayority vote who would get this role, and if that player died, he decided who would succeed him. Sometimes, the vote of the mayor would count double. The mayor also made the final decission if a day would go to deadline.
The setup was composed mainly of roles that would interact interestingly with the mayor. Two masons were there to give town players a reason to support someone other then themselves. A vigilante was present to help get rid of a mafia mayor, and a bodyguard could protect the chosen mayor for a while. Because that is quite a bit of town power, the three player mafia team was given a roleblocker.
The game didn't go as expected. Neither mafia nor masons seriously attempted to grab the mayor role. The mafia roleblocker was lynched day 1, and the vigilante mainly managed to hit powerroles. The game was close though, ending in a three player endgame where the mayor (who was confirmed town through his mason role), managed to make the correct decission.
Mafia vs. Werewolves
Result: werewolves win
Mafia vs Werewolves was set up as a larger version of monks and masons, with a few powerroles thrown in. Masons were confirmed non-mafia, Monks were confirmed non-werewolf. Both scumgroups had a one shot kill immunity against the kill of the other group.
Town had quite a bit of trouble keeping it's powerroles secret. On day 1, all masons (including the monk mason) and a monk had been outed. On day 2, the roleblocker claimed, was disbelieved by the one shot vig and shot. Because mafia missed a kill on night 1, the player who was roleblocked on night 1 was lynched on day 3. This meant 8 pro-town players died without seeing a single scumflip. Town looked in serious trouble then.
Lucky for them, both scumgroups started missing kills, either by not sending them in, or by being blocked by the one shot immunity of the other group. Town managed a serie of 4 scumlynches, and then found themselves in six player Mylo.
The remaining two werewolves had played a pretty solid game though, leaving the weakest and most suspicious town players alive. Neither of them were under serious suspicion, so they easily won the game.

Theme Games

MichelSableheart hasn't moderated any theme games yet.