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MeMeMeet Mafia

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MeMeMeet Mafia
Forum: Theme Park
Moderator(s): mith
Status: Completed
Winner(s): Mafia, Point Whore

Scene 1 - July 22, 6:00 PM

Something isn't right here.

MeMe looks around at the other 18 scummers in the living room. Some are chatting. A few are playing Halo. There's a couple of point whores on the couch playing... who knows? Something stupid, surely.

It all looks normal enough. MeMe checks the calendar again to make sure.

It says July 22.

"This was supposed to happen last month," she muses. "What's going on? Who are these people?"

She isn't even sure she feels like herself.


  • Atticus, playing lemuel (Point Whore)
  • Dirge, playing mlaker (Dirge, Mafia)
  • Thestatusquo(replacing Mr_Gnome_It_All, D5), playing mith (MeMe, Mafia)
  • Fletcher, playing Atticus (Blank Green Card) - Lynched, Day 1
  • Yoko Kurama, playing Fletcher (Jimmy Hoffa) - Killed Night 1
  • Yosarian2, playing Mastermind of Sin (Point Whore) - Killed Night 1
  • kristocker, playing Quagmire (spork's Dad, Mafia) - Killed Night 2
  • MeMe, playing Mr_Gnome_It_All ( 1, Zombie) - Killed Night 2
  • Mastermind of Sin, playing PookyTheMagicalBear (Blank Green Card) - Killed Night 3
  • Thesp, playing 1 (Jeff Jenkins, Jester) - Killed Night 3
  • Fishbulb, playing kristocker (MoS's Mom, Mafia) - Lynched Day 4
  • mlaker, playing Dirge (Dracula) - Killed Night 4
  • PookyTheMagicalBear, playing Thesp (The Bus, Serial Lyncher) - Lynched Day 5
  • Anonymities (replacing spork76, D3), playing Fishbulb (Point Whore) - Killed Night 5
  • Fritzler, playing MeMe (Ned "The Band" Wilkinson) - Killed Night 5
  • MrBuddyLee (replacing jeep, N3), playing Yoko Kurama (Jimmy Hoffa, Zombie) - Killed Night 6
  • olio (replacing Maverick, D2), playing Sugar (Blank Green Card) - Killed Night 6
  • LyingBrian (replacing ibaesha, D5), playing spork76 (Fletcher, Zombie) - Lynched Day 7
  • Quagmire, playing Maverick - Killed Night 7

Vote Counts and Night Choices