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Mastin Academy

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Mastin Academy is an academy founded by Mastin2, in order to be her catch-all thread for theory-dumping and teaching students. Its founding statement is for it to be a place of asking for advice, feedback, and critiques of play.

Disclaimer: Due to a high demand and low supply of time, Mastin's teaching aspect of the academy is largely "whenever I can", and is mainly focused on feedback in the form of a game she and her student have shared.


Lectures are listed in chronological date.

On Townblocs.

On The RVS.

On Scumhunting.

On Appearing Town.

On Being Heard.

On Having Conviction.

On (Not) Wallposting.

On Breaking VIness.

On Working With Others.

On Logic.

On Handling Multiple Games And Gametypes.

On Balancing Logic And Charisma.

On Replacing Into Games.

On Walling Format.

On Modding Tips.

On Avoiding Detachment From Games.

New Lectures

Lectures created by mastina, the new account of Mastin2.

Everything Is WIFOM

Risk-Reward Analysis

Simple vs. Human

mastina Glossary/Dictionary/Terminology