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The largest wiki for the Game of Mafia on the web.
We have a total of 4,473 articles.

About Mafia...

"In the peaceful Sicilian village of Salem, a dark presence is about to make itself known. For years, the family based crime organization known as the Mafia has been establishing itself in the foundation of the community. Until now, the naive citizens have been unaware of the evil among them. Tonight, however, the Mafia makes its move. Tonight, someone will die, and until the Mafia has eliminated all opposition, the innocent will continue to die. Unless, of course, the Mafia is destroyed first..."

The above is a typical opening for the game called Mafia (Also known as "Werewolves of Miller's Hollow" or "Town of Salem"). The game can be played by an indeterminate group of people, each playing the role of either a murdering Mafia member or an innocent townsperson, along with a game moderator. At the beginning of the game, Night falls, and the Mafia family members become aware of each other (by communication from the moderator). They then choose a victim, and the moderator announces the death scene. When Day breaks, the town must try to weed out the evil by lynching someone they suspect to be mafia.

The game of Mafia (in Meat World) is usually run with playing cards representing the possible roles in the game. The moderator secretly distributes the cards to the players, then has everyone put their head down/close their eyes. During the Night, the moderator "wakes up" the mafia, and they silently choose a victim. During the Day, everyone discusses, argues, swears, and eventually votes for someone to lynch. The cycle repeats until the endgame.

MafiaScum, however, is devoted to the online version of the game. As far as anyone knows, this version was first attempted in August 2000 on the Grey Labyrinth website. It was so successful that mith (a regular GL-er) felt it warranted its own site. Online Mafia has the potential for more strategy and subtlety because it removes most of the possibility for cheating and provides players with a chance to form suspicion based on logic and voting patterns instead of facial expression. It also has the potential for just as many (if not more) laughs, because the players can act however they like, no matter how shy they might be in real life.

For more information on the game check out this article: Game of Mafia

Getting Started...

To get yourself into a game the first thing you will have to do is go to our forum. You need to register an account with us in order to do almost anything, the link to register is in the top right corner of the index-page. Please be aware that to register an account you will need a valid e-mail address, as it is required to try and filter out a few of those darn Chinese bots.
All of our sign-up threads for games are found in the Queue subforum. To join a game, post something along the lines of "/in" in its signup thread. You will be assigned to a player list, and when the list is full, you will be instructed further on where to go and what to do. If you're new to the site, we don't recommend joining a lot of games at once in case you lose interest and flake out of all of them later on. If you decide that you want to abandon a sign-up list before you are assigned to a game, post "/out".
For more details and information please read this guide: Quick Guide to Mafiascum

Featured role...

This month's featured role is the Suicide Bomber!

Have you ever been so convinced of someone being aligned with the Mafia that you were willing to die to get them to flip? Well, it's a shame that you didn't have this role then. The Suicide Bomber is a role which can choose to bomb another player, usually during a Day phase, thus killing their target and themselves. As well as that, it also ignores any protective abilities such as Bulletproof modifiers. This is an odd role to draw as town, it could occasionally have a use in a game however the cost you pay to kill someone is rather high. Furthermore, if you accidently take a fellow Townie down with you, a lot of damage can be done. In smaller games this role is rather out of place as such, it messes up balance and can make decent setups swingy. Some even consider it to be Negative Utility for town-aligned players. This role has some Scum utility though: if you are about to get Lynched you may as well deal a blow to your opponents while you are at it. You are unlikely to come across this role a lot in games, and even less likely to see it aligned with a town player. If you're planning on moderating a game, it's advised to use some other Killing role unless you really want things to go out with a bang.

Featured setup...

This month's featured setup is Lovers Mafia!

This Micro Setup by Guardian is for 6 players. It is a simple setup, containing 4 Vanilla Townies and 2 Mafia-aligned players. What makes it unique is that the two mafia are Lovers, meaning that if one of the two die the other goes with him. You would think that a setup such as this would be town-sided, and the predicted 60% town win-probability seems to support this claim. Yet in reality, it is not so easy to win this setup as town. Due to the fact there are 6 players, all 4 of the town have to be on a Wagon to lynch the mafia. This requires a lot of coordination, which can easily be disturbed through the mafia's plots and manipulation. As such, the setup currently has a 70% mafia win-rate as off now. This leads many to believe that the setup may actually be tipped in the mafia's favour, despite the predicted numbers. This setup usualy lasts a single day, so if you are looking for a shorter setup to run this may be an option to consider if you seek something simple.

Help us out!

Without contributers this wiki wouldn't exist! Help us out by creating articles on mafia theory, keeping things tidy and organised, and producing content covering anything to do with mafia. Every little helps and we couldn't do this without the aid of others. To find ways you can help out either check the wiki-thread here or read the to-do lists here.

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