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MagnaofIllusion/Micro Games

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Game Moderator Role Outcome Results
Micro 80 - Bodyswap Mafia AV Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing

Game Moderator Role Outcome Results
Micro 57 - Stratego Mafia Hoopla Lieutenant (Rank 5) - Mafia Goon NK Night 3 - Serial Killer Mafia Victory
Closed set-up based on the Stratego game. Special mechanic dealt with Ranks - in general abilities failed when targetting Ranks higher than yours. So not all abilities worked even when targetting properly occured. I think I played pretty well ... I carried an flake Psyche Day 1, quickhammered on my phone to lynch Town, and successfully faked a guilty on the most Powerful Town Role that got him lynched. Won at when the Serial Killer was successfully killed by Reck on Night 3 and he endgamed a VT.

Game Moderator Role Outcome Results
Wildly Unbalanced Potentially Bastard Build-Your-Own Randomly Generated Role Madness Mafia!!! AV Town Loving Neighborizing Anxious Gunsmith Survived Town Victory
Fun open and quasi random set-up. Every player had four attributes (Negative, Positive, Utility, Role). Each player was assigned to one of those categories and had to choose their Top Two choices they wanted for that attributed. They were certain to get one of those two choices. Their other 3 attributes were randomly assigned. Lots of lulz (including a Mafia that pulled Miller, a Bulletproof player who was also Macho, and a Vengeful Mafia player) ensued. Good times.