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[[Category:April Fools' Day]]
[[Category:April Fools' Day]]

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An example of what the site looked like that day.

Begun as an April Fools' Day prank in 2007, it entailed the creation of a new stylesheet for the MafiaScum forums, mafTiger. Various features of the forums were changed to simulate a 'takeover' of the site by Tigers, referencing an earlier joke from this thread.

Unlike the somewhat more subtle "profile scrambling" prank from 2006, players generally played up the effect of this year's prank, posting 'manifesto's and choosing sides. A few players found the color scheme too jarring and left the site for the day, until things were reset.

On the other hand, some players found the new scheme so much to their liking that they decided to keep it after the day's fun was done!