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Mafia Game History

Completed Games History
Game Alignment Role Outcome Notes
Open 821 Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing
Mini 2219 Town Doctor Loss
Dogs vs Cats Mafia Town Townie Loss
Yggdrasil Town Dark Hunter Win
Mini 2197 Town 3-shot Novice Vigilante Loss
Open 805 Mafia Goon Loss
BooneyToonz XV Mafia Traitor Win
Open 802 Mafia Goon Loss
Among Us Mafia Town Townie Win
Pooky vs Flavor Leaf Town Mason Win
Newbie 2038 Town Townie Loss Replaced in D3
Micro 977 Town Neighbor Win
Micro 983 Town Townie Win
Death Curse Town Townie Win
Mini Theme 2172 Town Roleblocker Win Replaced in D1
Mini 2170 Town Townie Loss
Bad Idea III Town Dayvig Loss
Open 796 Town JOAT Win
Newbie 2032 Town Townie Win
Open 795 Town Detective Win
Micro 628 Cult Cult Leader Win
Micro 618 Mafia Goon Win
Micro 612 Mafia Roleblocker Loss Replaced in N4
Open 647 Town Doctor Loss
Open 640 Town Doctor Draw Mod Abandoned
Open 639 Town Townie Win
Mini 1817 Town Townie Win
Mini 1812 Town Townie Win
Mini 1811 Town Townie Loss
Newbie 1719 Mafia Goon Loss
PYP6 Mafia JOAT Win Replaced in D2
Mini 1810 Town Informed Townie Loss
Mini 1797 Town Mason Win Replaced in N1
Mini 1794 Town Townie Win
Newbie 1710 Mafia Goon Draw Replaced in D1
Mini 1785 Town Townie Win
Newbie 1703 Town Townie Loss
Newbie 1702 Town Townie Loss Replaced in D1
Newbie 1694 Town Townie Loss

Alternative Account Games

Completed Games History
Account Game Alignment Role Outcome Notes
MURDERSUNNY TM2021: Sunny 2 Town Compulsive Fruit Vendor Win
We brought pizza Mini Theme 2194 Mafia Goon Loss (hydra /w Noraa and Infinity 324)

Modded Mafia Games

Completed Games History
Game Setup Outcome Notes
In signups Open Draft Mafia In signups
Open 815 Forest Fire Redux Town Win Setup was played with no firefighter.

Mafia Ruleset

[area=Rules][list=1] [*]Obey all [url=]sitewide rules[/url].

[*]The appearance of breaking a rule is equivalent to actually breaking it.

[*]Play to win.

[*]Do not quote any information received from the moderator in thread. You may paraphrase.

[*]Posted content must be accessible to all players. No cryptography, tiny text, trust tell references, etc.

[*]No toxicity. I am [i]less[/i] lenient than other moderators and site rules.

[*]My color is [color=#c48012]#c48012[/color], do not impersonate mod communications.

[*]No posting after being eliminated, killed, or otherwise removed from the game. (No "bah" posts.)

[*]Deadlines will vary according to the number of players alive, from a maximum of 14 days to a minimum of 5 days. This is under my discretion and I will vary it as I see fit to improve game pace. Nights will last for 48 hours.

[*]For all nights after night 1, you may PM the moderator to request a fast night. If all players have requested a fast night, the game will immediately continue on to the next day.

[*]Players who have not posted content for 48 hours will receive a prod. I will not accept prod dodges. After receiving a prod, a player has 24 hours to post before I will begin seeking a replacement. If a player receives three prods they will be replaced.

[*]Players on V/LA will receive an additional 48 hours before receiving a prod. Please announce your V/LA in thread.

[*]Vote tags are preferred, but bold votes will be accepted. Votes that are not completely unambiguous will not count.

[*]Players may vote to end the phase without an elimination. [v]Noelim[/v]

[*]When a player has reached a majority of votes, that player will be eliminated and the phase will end. If a majority is not reached by deadline, the day will end in no elimination.

[*]Players may post after a majority has been reached until I announce the end of the phase.

[*]Concerns about mistakes, player conduct, or other issues should be directed to the moderator via PM. [/list][/area]

Vote Count Format

[area=Vote Count 1.1][color=#c48012][0] Player1:
[0] Player2:
[0] Player3:
[0] Player4:
[0] Player5:
[0] Player6:
[0] Player7:
[0] Player8:
[0] Player9:

Not voting: Player1, Player2, Player3, Player4, Player5, Player6, Player7, Player8, Player9

With 9 alive it takes 5 to eliminate.

Deadline expires in [size=100][countdown]10 days[/countdown].[/size] [/color][/area]

Large Social Game History

Completed Games History
Game Character Place Notes
Barely Survivor R2D2 & C3PO 10/24 Hydra with coolcatjune
The List (2021) MURDERCAT Winner