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  • Hunter
Role type:
  • Linked
Choice: none
Notes: linked to Lynchee
for the Lyncher Mafia Setup, see: Lyncher Mafia

The Lyncher is a third-party role whose win condition is to get a specific person (the Lynchee) lynched. If the Lynchee is lynched while the Lyncher is alive and on the Lynchee's wagon, the Lyncher wins. If the Lyncher dies first or the Lyncher is the only scum left in the game and the Lynchee is still alive, the Lyncher loses.

Mods have differing policies in regard to what happens if a Lynchee is nightkilled: the Lyncher may gain the pro-Town Win Condition, may become a Survivor, may change their Lynchee to whoever made that kill, or may win as if that player had gotten lynched. This decision is made based on game balance and role mechanics. However, the third option is a poor one from a balance perspective - the Lyncher in that position can simply claim Watcher with an incriminating result on that player. Since the player that killed the previous Lynchee is more than likely scum, everyone wins (except the scum).

In most games, if the Lyncher succeeds in fulfilling their Win Condition, they will leave the game and in the end be pronounced a joint winner with whichever faction wins the main game.


In themed games, Lynchers may have more than one Lynchee. If this happens, it is not necessarily the case that the Lyncher has to be directly involved with each Lynchee's death.

In some themed games, Lynchers are not told who explicitly they must kill, but rather the flavor names of their Lynchees. While this is frowned upon - the Lyncher can't know which players have those flavor names, and is thus directionless - it is sometimes necessary to preserve the integrity of the game (i.e. if one of the Lynchees is scum).

Lynchers may also have one-shot kills or the Vengeful modifier to help them get to their Lynchee(s). Alternatively, they may be given the ability to Scout.

The Lyncher Win Condition may be in addition to a factional Win Condition - for instance, a Mafioso may win with scum IF a particular player does not live to endgame. See also Usurper.

If there are multiple Lynchers in the game, as a general rule they are Lynchees for each other.

Use and Power

Lyncher should be balanced like a guaranteed lynch on the Lynchee, whatever the Lynchee's alignment is.

In the case of a Lyncher with multiple Lynchees - especially if the Lyncher are not told the identities of who these Lynchees are - the Lyncher's power is more on par with a Survivor.

Play Advice

On Day 2, claim Cop with a guilty result on your target. By the time they figure out you're lying, you will have already won.

If this causes the real Cop to counterclaim, you're probably best off immediately claiming Lyncher and hoping the Town helps you out just to get you out of the picture.