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Love Letter Mafia

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  • Love Letter
Setup Size:
  • 8
Setup Type:

Love Letter Mafia is a semi-open setup for up to 8 players (best with 7 or 8), based on the card game. It was designed at the MANCHESSKID meet in February 2014 by ChannelDelibird, AurorusVox, Patrick and Cogito Ergo Sum (if memory serves).

Alignments are determined separately based on the number of players (with 6 or more players, use two mafia) then each player draws a random role card from the deck of 16. You may use a role card and the mafia kill on the same night, if applicable.

  • 1x Princess - If you are ever forced to discard this card, you die.
  • 1x Countess - If a Prince or a King is targeted for a nightkill, you die in their place.
  • 1x King - Reveal this card at Day to swap it with another player's role card. Only one player may use this card per Day.
  • 2x Prince - Target a player at night (you may choose yourself). At the dawn of the next Day, they must discard their role card and draw a new one from the deck.
  • 2x Handmaid - You may reveal this card at Day if targeted by a Day ability in order to block the ability's effect. While holding the Handmaid, you are immune from the mafia nightkill.
  • 2x Baron - You may target a player each night. If their role card is a Priest or a Guard, they will die. If their role card is a Handmaid, Prince, King, Countess or Princess, you will die. If their role card is the other Baron, nothing happens.
  • 2x Priest - Reveal this card at Day to privately look at another player's role card.
  • 5x Guard - Reveal this card at Day to target a player and guess which role card they have. If you are correct, they must discard it and draw a new one from the deck. Each of the five Guard cards may only be activated once per game.